What is the correct spelling for SAB?

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Correct spellings for SAB

  • ab Hanc vero S. Congregationis sententiam Sanctissimo D. N. Pio PP. IX. ab infrascripto Secretario relatam in Aud. diei 6 ejusdem mensis et anni Sanctitas Sua benigne probavit, et juxta propositum tenorem facultates concessit, contrariis quibuscumque haud obstantibus.
  • cab He led her, still silent and abstracted, to a cab and helped her in. Splash, I'ma put some credit on the tab You see the card that's black and that's the equivalent of cash I'ma personalise my tags and call my slab the cab Cause when she's hoppin in, yeah she gon' have to pay for that – Block On Smash by chamillionaire
  • dab When she had left Chicago, her grammar had been unexceptionable; but since she had been in England, she said "you ain't" and dropped all her g's; and when Montague brought down a bird at long range, she exclaimed, condescendingly, "Why, you're quite a dab at it!"
  • fab The Deserta Grande has some special modifying capability of its own,-the Eurygnathus Latreillei, Lap., Notiophilus geminatus, Dej., Zargus pellucidus, Woll., Calathus complanatus, Koll., Olisthopus Maderensis, Woll., Caulotrupis conicollis, Woll., Laparocerus morio, Schoen., Omias Waterhousei, Woll., Helops Vulcanus, Woll., and the Ellipsodes glabratus, Fab ., being also larger on that rock than is typical: all of them, however, with the exception of Notiophilus geminatus, are there, as elsewhere, apterous.
  • gab I haven't got the gift of gab .
  • jab I'll have the car around to the door in a jab of a jiffy!
  • lab I saw the reports on his lab out on the Rockies, and also the psychomedical reports on him.
  • nab I shall lie snugly here on the watch, and hope to nab them before they reach that celebrated old smuggler's abode.
  • sa Quoy quel en aduiegne, What so euer come therof, Chescun garde sa loiaulte!
  • sac We heard nothing from Robert, or concerning him, and each day that built itself up was a gloomier cul de sac than the last.
  • sad It was a sad and solemn service.
  • sag Then, as he stepped toward Kurt, the rancher showed himself to be a well-preserved man of perhaps fifty-five, of powerful form beginning to sag in the broad shoulders, his face bronzed by long exposure to wind and sun. He had keen gray eyes, and their look was that of a man used to dealing with his kind and well disposed toward them.
  • sam Sam French gave a long whistle of surprise.
  • sap This will check excessive formation of wood and foliage, render the wood firm, and the organic matter of the sap will form abundance of fruit-buds.
  • sat "I waited half an hour for you before I sat down.
  • saw The intense light of the late sun fell upon the girl's unconscious face, and Arnfinn lay, gazing up into it, and wondering at its rare beauty; but he saw only the clean cut of its features and the purity of its form, being too shallow to recognize the strong and heroic soul which had struggled so long for utterance in the life of which he had been a blind and unmindful witness.
  • sax Thes floom-a-didale bezniss of rantin' away on the fear o' the Laird for sax weeks wull have worn out the frame of a bool-dawg.
  • say I don't think one wants to punish the rebels now, much as we have lost and suffered through the efforts of the Confederates to destroy it-the grand old Union-we just say 'They've given up now, and we will do all we can to help them to repair their losses and begin to prosper again.
  • sb SKUGG, sb . a shadow.
  • scab Until recently the crust, or scab , was much used in this country.
  • slab He leapt off the slab and supported her.
  • stab The recognition was like a stab to Neale.
  • sub But there was a sailor, a simple sub -lieutenant, sitting by the door.
  • swab After the discharge the gun was wiped out with a wet swab .
  • tab Thoreau was born in Concord, Massachusetts, July, 1817, and passed most of his life of forty-five years in his native town, minding his own business, as he would say, which consisted, for the most part, in spending at least the half of each day in the open air, winter and summer, rain and shine, and in keeping tab upon all the doings of wild nature about him and recording his observations in his Journal.
  • Sal If the person feels faint, he should lie quietly on his back, and take a little brandy-and-water, or sal-volatile and water.
  • SBA The Second Foot in Coldwater Daffodil SBA 16028 1973 CD Unidisc AGEK 2159 1998 All Around Us Daffodil DAF 10048 1974 CD Unidisc AGEK 2160 1998 Breaking Through Anthem ANR 1 1008 1977 Anthem have "NOT" issued a CD Footprints Vol.
  • San Dr. D., Presbyterian Church, Stockton street, San Francisco.
  • SAAB 1 Airbus A320-200 (which is operated by SmartLynx Airlines) 2 Saab 2000
  • sob I kept my head prone upon the bedstead and began to sob . As I did so, I felt the bedstead move a little.