What is the correct spelling for SABBING?

If you meant to type "sabbing" but misspelled it, here are some possible suggestions: stabbing, slapping, sobbing, sapping or snagging. Double-checking your spelling can prevent any confusion or incorrect interpretations.

Correct spellings for SABBING

  • Cabbing He was cabbing to the airport to catch his flight.
  • Dabbing Dabbing is a popular dance move in which a person points both arms to one direction while bowing their head into their bended inner elbow.
  • Gabbing The two friends were gabbing on the phone for hours about their weekend plans.
  • Jabbing The boxer kept jabbing his opponent to weaken his defense.
  • Nabbing The police officer was on the lookout for any suspicious activity, hoping to catch someone nabbing a stolen bike.
  • Scabbing The wound is scabbing over nicely, which is a good sign that it is healing.
  • Slabbing He's been slabbing concrete all day, his arms are sore.
  • Sobbing She couldn't contain her emotions and started sobbing uncontrollably.
  • Stabbing The sound of the stabbing knife made her shiver.
  • Subbing Subbing can be a great way to earn extra income on the side.
  • Swabbing The nurse was swabbing the patient's arm with alcohol before administering the injection.
  • Tabbing I was tabbing through the documents to find the information I needed.