What is the correct spelling for SACATHEXIA?

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Correct spellings for SACATHEXIA

  • acathexia
  • scottish And forgotten that the bauld Buccleuch Is Keeper here on the Scottish side?
  • seats Pray, Ladies, keep your seats .
  • shades The shades just came in time; and the candles are all lit now.
  • sideways We had one very tense moment; the boat was flung sideways in the turmoil, and nearly got taken aback.
  • sixties There can be no doubt that Darwin had an abnormal fatigability, a lack of stamina and endurance in mental as well as physical application which plagued him from the late twenties to the sixties .
  • sketch Suddenly Birnier wheeled round in his chair, snatched up the pencil and staring hard at them, began to sketch faces on the open page of the book.
  • stack With the light fair wind, there was no resistance in the sultry air, the thin, dun smoke from the smoke-stack fell about the decks like a stifling veil.
  • stacks Way back there were stacks of silver dollars and half dollars and other coins, lying there on a shelf where the store was only half lighted.
  • stage "Not too fast," said Harry, smiling; "it's only a stage .
  • stake I stake my head on it!
  • stakes You're a liar and a hundred per cent bigger one over that little trinket of a box than if the stakes had been bigger.
  • static He observed that this electricity had the same properties as the static electricity produced by friction.
  • status As better jobs became available, they were quickly filled by white workers eager to improve their economic status .
  • stays He says that his whole body is aching, and now he stays in bed.
  • steak They had steak for Westover, and baked potatoes; but for themselves they had such farm fare as Mrs. Durgin had given him the first time he supped there.
  • stick Last time Joe came he put himself out terribly, and was for taking the stick to him.
  • sticky If you cut a stick of new wood from a hedge, and peel off the young bark, you know that the bark comes off easily and entire, leaving a clean white wand of wood in your hand; but the wand feels sticky all over.
  • stock "Why, your offer to buy my stock -that paper you drew up for me.
  • stocks I own some bank stocks .
  • stuck If you don't, you're stuck for a week.
  • suitcase Your suitcase I checked again yesterday.
  • swedish Swedish turnips have succeeded well in this valley, and nearer the coast the white turnips I have seen nearly as big as your head, and good all through.
  • switch I'm bound to say that now thousands of I.W.W. laborers are loyal to the United States, and that made me switch ."
  • Seeds Seeds required should be ordered early for the entire garden.
  • Shots He had gained a little by his shots, but we soon caught it up.
  • Societies He was not chosen into any of the nicer societies; those that he joined when he thought they were swell he could not care for when he found they were not.
  • Studies Merely reading over the list of the fourth class studies did not convey to the new men much idea of how hard they were to find their work.
  • SITS And when she has talked to him for a few minutes she rings the bell for nurse; then she sits down to write.
  • sketches It is full of vivid character-sketches which not only amuse us as we read but give us a whole social atmosphere to reflect on.
  • sticks "And that she sticks closely to that arrangement is shown by the condition of this upper flight.
  • states Similar information is furnished in other States .
  • sets Let one of the rooms be furnished with sets of books, of which I will give you a list, from my library.
  • suits Pen, of all the children, suits me least.
  • suggests And yet there was just a faint ring of the accomplished orator's music in his voice, a music which suggests a listening ear-and that ear the orator's own.
  • stages She had come to this place to get away from it, and here was everybody in its different stages .
  • sites It is certain that the armies of the Parliament were great smokers, for the finds of seventeenth-century pipes on the sites of their camps have been numerous.
  • statues There were statues and valuable works of art.
  • scouts He said to me that he had not seen any Rebel scouts for half an hour and that he would send two of his men with me to get the sword which he did, and we all got back safely without seeing anybody, and the cavalry also got a lot of cherries.
  • suites The Emperor and Empress sat, of course, in the center, and on each side were the foreign sovereigns; behind them were their suites and the Imperial family.
  • shadows At last she raised her eyes, and looked at him standing motionless and thoughtful amongst the shadows of the room, and at the first glance he felt his strength grow weak, and his passionate love rising up like a living force.
  • sheets For the next quarter of an hour her pen flew across two sheets of paper.
  • sights He did not look much, for he knew these Italian sights and sounds by heart, and at that moment only wanted to look at her; but the least little thing caught her attention away from him absolutely, to the exclusion of anything he might be saying.
  • sides Do you ever see horses walking up and down the sides of rooms in reality-in fact?
  • shoots When the June berries were ripe, the first shoots came up near the shore of the lake.
  • statutes Our Constitution is one of the concrete manifestations of our institutions; our statutes are another; the decisions of our courts are another; our habits, methods, and customs as a people and a race are still another.
  • steaks

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