What is the correct spelling for SACATHEXIS?

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Correct spellings for SACATHEXIS

  • acathexis
  • scottish Another reason is found in the Scottish mode of warfare.
  • seats "Now you take your seats .
  • shades But now I seemed to detect in him some shades of restlessness and anxiety that I had never seen in him before.
  • sideways He suddenly sprang sideways , and even as he did so, sharp claws tore his coat and hurt him dreadfully.
  • sixties My Aunt Georgiana had been a music teacher at the Boston Conservatory, somewhere back in the latter sixties .
  • sketch He had been in the downstairs bedroom, talking with Martin, for perhaps an hour; he had drawn them a rough sketch of the little addition to the house that Cherry meant some day to build next to the study, and he and Martin had been discussing the details.
  • stack I found that the stocks we bought and sold were mere gambling chips; that the man who had the biggest stack could beat his opponent off the board; that his opponent was the world, because all men directly or indirectly played the stock-gambling game.
  • stacks We do not hear that he was compelled to empty out the tea, but we are told that ever after he went by the name of "Tea Stacks ."
  • stage Just got here on the night mail-stage.
  • stake It was red-hot stuff, and the whole audience rose to watch its effect upon the victim at the stake .
  • stakes Then he drove in one of his stakes in the same way.
  • static We conceive it as static and absolute.
  • status Intelligence tests showed him to be intellectually about on a par with the average negro of his social and educational status .
  • stays Any one can put it on and it stays where you put it.
  • steak For dinner, we had round steak , fried, more fried potatoes, and boiled onions.
  • stick When I got up and shouted to them to stop, I suppose they took me for you and thought I should stick to them and take them in Bath.
  • sticky This sticky stuff is nothing more than transparent growing protoplasm, which lies close under the inner bark.
  • stock Well, you wanted to buy the stock -you were crazy to get hold of it-and now, when I'm willing, you won't take it!
  • stocks No money to be made in bank stocks .
  • stuck She's only stuck to this Bland-because-oh, I don't know why.
  • suitcase "Your suitcase I'll have.
  • swedish "You'll never be able to make that out,-all dirty and-" "Yas, I read heem, you not,-dot's Swedish ."
  • switch A snap of a switch and a sharp pencil of light cut the night.
  • Seeds I expect seeds have blown on to it, and then trees and bushes have sprung up.
  • Shots Some shots came from places he had seen no movement.
  • Societies It is the course through which all European Societies are, at this hour, travelling.
  • Studies So he gave up his law studies to become a detective.
  • SITS "There sits the Princess of the Golden Horde, thinking that she will marry John's master the King.
  • sketches Which brings me to the two great divisions of Constable's life-work-the sketches , which we are told he did not regard as "serious," and the finished pictures.
  • sticks As he came near the city gate he saw a woman gathering sticks , and he asked her to bring him a cup of water and a little bread.
  • states The States had interested him, however, because there was an inclination in the article to look at his work to come.
  • sets Both sets are deciduous.
  • suits That suits you, does it, kid?
  • suggests "I have had a note from Cornish," he said, "who suggests a meeting at this hotel this afternoon to discuss our future action.
  • stages But it needed no very keen eye to see that the surprise which Mr. Stipp had already shown at various stages of the interview was nothing to that which he now felt.
  • sites Timid souls chose their sites with reference to defence.
  • statues It was deeply impressive, too, to watch the long lines and masses of troops,-each unit full of youth, strength, energy, enthusiasm, hope,-standing perfectly silent, absolutely motionless, like statues , for full an hour and a half.
  • scouts Scouts have been out all over the neighbourhood for the last ten days, but no clue has as yet been found."
  • suites In many palaces, however, such suites form a long and straight vista, while the folding-doors slide back nearly to the walls on either hand, so that the view of the whole extent is scarcely impeded.
  • shadows "The past, however, soon began to cast its shadows into the future.
  • sheets One of your Husband's Proofe Sheets .
  • sights Here she seemed possessed by a rage for any sights and sounds merely because they were new.
  • sides "The prahu will not go far without finding that we are not in front; then she will leave a small boat with men to see that we do not pass, while the prahu comes back to search the river sides .
  • shoots "Why, the young stems are good eating, and the roots, if you will; but the young shoots are better.
  • statutes What do the Irish statutes ?
  • steaks

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