What is the correct spelling for SAITH?

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Correct spellings for SAITH

  • bath "When I came to the University the first time I seemed like a cat in a bath tub.
  • faith I have tried every way I know to keep my faith in him, and to-to help him.
  • kith So that Mrs. Twemlow's thoughts about her kith and kindred were rather sad than proud, unless some ignorance was shown about them.
  • lath The upper end, the chain-beam, which consists of a piece of bamboo, is fixed to two bars or posts; and the weaver sits on the ground, and to the two notched ends of a small lath , which supplies the place of the weaving beam, hooks on a wooden bow, in the arch of which the back of the lath is fitted.
  • math Schools are reporting progress in math and reading skills.
  • oath The publisher waved him impatiently aside with an oath easy to read from the lips.
  • path She went back to the path and ran on after the other girls.
  • pith Then beat them still, until the Cream be done, and strain it still to the pith .
  • said You said just now...."
  • sail "You just watch me while I sail this boat.
  • sash When the little French maid slipped away with the husky she fingered the carved toy of a knife in her sash and tossed her short curls in triumph.
  • sat So both sat silent.
  • sate There sate , peaceably enough, a large dark form, its hands on its knees, its head bent down, so that the features were not, distinguishable; and over the chair in which this bending figure was thus confusedly gathered up leant Guy Darrell, with quiet ease-no trace of fear nor of past danger in his face, which, though very pale, was serene, with a slight smile on the firm lips.
  • scythe No mortal men could have advanced under such fire, and so their comrades on the left were terribly exposed to the scythe of bullets which swept them also.
  • seethe Not an iota of all this escaped Harding Knowles; but he allowed the bad brutal nature to seethe on sullenly, till he deemed it was time to work the safety-valve.
  • seth He worked her with his one son Seth , a widow-man of forty, and Seth 's son, young Eli, aged fifteen, Liz's father and brother.
  • sigh Like the sigh of a girl in her sleep.
  • sit Won't-won't you sit down and tell-tell me all?
  • site I say I want a good site for my new house."
  • sloth "-both equally obstinate, both equally encased from head to foot in the impenetrable thick armour of intellectual sloth .
  • smith "Well, that's all right," said Mr. Smith , easily.
  • smithy And the same day a noise of hammer and file at work was heard in the smithy .
  • sooth In good sooth what we too often count righteous care, but our Lord calls the care of the world, consumes the life of the heart as surely as the love of money.
  • soothe The mother longed to soothe her daughter, but dared not try.
  • south They must have known each other in the South years ago, and one of them at least was an enemy of the other.
  • suit Larry held up another suit , "See here.
  • swath The vines can be left in the swath until the top leaves begin to burn and then be put into windrows with a sulky hay-rake.
  • wraith Across the stair she wavered, a wraith blown across the gulf of time.
  • Hath He that hath sinned in the shade of the name?
  • Saith And when He had spoken this, He saith unto him, Follow Me."
  • With Your father's there with your mother.
  • hastenings

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