What is the correct spelling for SAPRISE?

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Correct spellings for SAPRISE

  • accepted apology
  • am ambitious
  • am apposite
  • apprise Twice he had written her since then, once to apprise her of his removal from Azurecrest and once to inquire concerning her well-being, but he had neither expected nor received an answer.
  • aspires What Cicero did for Latin prose, in revealing the fertility of its resources, in giving to it more ample volume, and eliciting its capabilities of sonorous rhythmical movement, Lucretius aspires to do for Latin verse.
  • caprice The rank of Sir Sedley Beaudesert was a quiet and comfortable rank, he might marry a curate's daughter, or a duke's, and please his eye or grieve his heart as the caprice took him.
  • cock a doodle doo
  • coldshouldering
  • coming home to roost
  • conferred trust
  • gat angry
  • man or woman of learning
  • more vitrified
  • paris The suggestion of a transfer to Versailles instead of to Paris seemed a direct challenge.
  • passes inspection
  • passes rubicon
  • pries The implements are now thrust about 8 inches below the surface; the song ceases; each toiler pries her section of the soil loose and, in a moment, together they push their tools from them, the mass of soil - some 2 feet long, 1 foot wide, and 8 inches deep - falls away in the water, and the song begins again.
  • reprise Verzenay le Champenois, Bon Francais, point New-Yorquois, Mais des environs d'Avize, Fredonne a mainte reprise, "Bons amis, J'ai chante chez Agassiz!"
  • saris Indeed, it is said that the report brought back by the Dutch in the Red Lion concerning Adams' presence and influence in Japan, gave the impulse which started an expedition under Captain John Saris in January, 1611. Saris was an old adventurer in the East, and therefore fitted to encounter the varied experiences of his proposed trip.
  • spare "It is good of you to say these things to me, General Lingard-and to spare the time to come and see me," she said at last.
  • SPARES A pleasant manner has never once failed me in bringing about an effect which is highly convenient to oneself, and in the long run it spares one's vanity considerably.
  • spars These were all of our people that I could find; the others I supposed had been washed by the water or knocked by the falling spars overboard.
  • sparse To me my early Indian charge, the Spokanes, together with the sparse white settlements in the vicinity, were attractive.
  • Spies Darker insinuations were made, but had there been truth in them, it could not have escaped the spies the Count sent to watch him, and the servants the Count bribed to inform on him.
  • spire Across the field the spire of a little Lutheran church looked out oddly round the end of the pagan portico.
  • SPIRES I sit, as I write, at my bedroom window, with a view over the whole of Boston Common, and the beautiful spires of the Back-Bay region beyond.
  • Spores By this time an abundance of spores will have formed.
  • sprees "This is no time for sprees," wept Julia.
  • spriest Your father was the spriest koind of a b'y, I'm told.
  • sprite Emma might look like a Madonna, were it not for her wicked wit; and as to Anna and Lizzie, as they glance by me, now and then, I seem to think them a kind of sprite, or elf, made to inhabit shady old houses, just as twinkling harebells grow in old castles; and then the gracious mamma, who speaks French or English like a stream of silver, is she not, after all, the fairest of any of them?
  • sprites I have one of sprites and goblins.
  • spruce When I was your age I got up at 4 in the morning and toiled away in the fields till sundown, and then I was too tired to spruce up and play at being a gentleman.
  • sunrise Immediately after sunrise a light and transparent mist rose over the desert, but it soon fell.
  • surprise When he entered the parlor his surprise at seeing me was great.