What is the correct spelling for SATASIFY?

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Correct spellings for SATASIFY

  • dissatisfy It will dissatisfy a good many who would otherwise remain quiet.
  • satisfied Now he was satisfied there was no money to be had, and he intended to leave at the first chance.
  • satisfy To satisfy is to furnish just enough to meet physical, mental, or spiritual desire. To sate or satiate is to gratify desire so fully as for a time to extinguish it. To cloy or surfeit is to gratify to the point of revulsion or disgust. Glut is a strong but somewhat coarse word applied to the utmost satisfaction of vehement appetites and passions; as, to glut a vengeful spirit with slaughter; we speak of glutting the market with a supply so excessive as to extinguish the demand. Much less than is needed to satisfy may suffice a frugal or abstemious person; less than a sufficiency may content one of a patient and submissive spirit. Compare PAY; REQUITE.
  • satsuma Nothing is so satisfying as to lie face down on the floor, sticking cherry blossoms into a Satsuma vase."
  • seats He has got seats in the second row.
  • specify I shall only specify his report on the Panama mission, which mainly settled the public mind in relation to that measure; and his report on the Colonization Society, in which, incidentally-and by the way, he demonstrated conclusively the constitutional right of the United States to acquire territory.
  • staff The one consisted of a set of photographs, nine officers in uniform: General Hew Lingard and his Staff , just returned home after the victorious Amadawa Expedition.
  • stairs As he reached the top of the stairs Griswold struck the bottom steps.
  • stasis Having thus distracted it from the presence of death, he sank back gratefully into a stasis of no-thought.
  • stays Victor I. stays right here as long as there's a Tortilla to king it over.
  • stiff The elder of the two was close to the fireplace, his stiff , thin hands held out to the blue shooting flames of a wood fire.
  • strife Public attention was taken up by the Caillaux trial and by political strife apparently reaching the proportions of national weakness.
  • stuffy First thing he knew he would wake up in that stuffy room at home.
  • stupefy I felt as if it were a duty I owed myself to return him to the condition in which I found him, which was to be easily contrived by my binding him in his sleep and dragging him to the deck and leaving him to stupefy alongside the body of the giant Joam Barros.
  • Stacy On that evening, arriving at Marion Street, under the influence of some occult force, or power, I stopped, looked down Marion Street, and saw the assassins of George Reynolds standing near the west end of the block and leaning against the wall of the Stacy premises.
  • Stacie
  • Stacey Stacey Van Loan crowded into the room.
  • Staci
  • SITS At such times he takes his stand under a bank, or in the lee of a rock, where the crows cannot trouble him from behind, and sits watching them fiercely.
  • stars There's no stars there.
  • sets It sets a bad example for the others.
  • sates Like all the best of its kind, and its kind the best, she never sates nor palls, and the more I look at her the more I see to love and worship-and, alas!
  • satisfies He properly satisfies for an offence who offers to the offended party that which he loves as well or better than he hates the offence.
  • staffs I elbowed my way past the constables holding long staffs , and, standing on my toes, looked over a sea of heads-a compact mass wedged together as far down as the rail outside the bench.
  • stiffs For several months these two had been traveling the country as "blanket stiffs ," securing employment in lumber-camps and mines, gathering the workers secretly in the woods to listen to the new gospel of deliverance.
  • SOTS It creates a horde of sots and idlers, makes gapers and gazers and newsmongers of the common people, and knowing jockeys of the country bumpkins.
  • sitars
  • acceptabilities
  • dissuadable
  • allineating
  • de-porting
  • de-pose

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