What is the correct spelling for SCETCHES?

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Correct spellings for SCETCHES

  • catches I cannot imagine what we shall do without you-at every cold little Fanny catches , we shall miss you sadly.
  • snatches She turns to the mirror, smooths back her heavy hair, shakes her head, snatches off the ribbon and throws it on the floor.
  • sketches He has sent from the Rocky Mountains, where he is now wandering with Barry Martin, some sketches of Indian Life to the Irish Art Exhibition.
  • scotches The loaded wagon clanked slowly up the incline, drew near, and rode like a ship at anchor against the scotches , brushing the stack with a crisp, sharp sound.
  • fetches Joe fetches his pore little scraps of streak-o'-lean, streak-o'-fat bacon an' hoe-cake along, but I make 'im throw the stuff away.
  • stitches All the stitches should be as nearly as possible at equal distances from the border of the wound, to prevent unequal strain, and the knots should be made at the side, not over the wound.
  • searches He searches with disappointing results for such general and comprehensive statements of the medieval translator's theory as may aid in the interpretation of detail.
  • switches The door appeared in the cabin when you turned those switches .
  • scythes Thoma sat at one side on an old tree-stump, where the men often mended their scythes .
  • speeches It will go ill with you for your speeches against me.
  • scorches It scorches the mind like a blast of sulphur.
  • seethes If thou hast that in thee that seethes and bubbles and strives to burst out, then smother it!
  • etches Jean added reflectively, studying the ceiling, "Day by day, month by month, year by year, the reality of everyday existence etches deeply into our consciousness, if we will but have the fortitude to expose ourselves to it."
  • ketches The sloops and ketches engaged in this commerce brought back, as an old letter of directions from shipowner to skipper shows, "course wicker flasketts, Allom, Copress, drum rims, head snares, shod shovells, window-glass."
  • snitches Then there are the prison doctor, the steward of the commissary department, and the parole officer, and under them are the guards and the "snitches"-the latter not being officially recognized, although they wield an important influence, their reports against their fellow prisoners being seriously considered, and often made the basis of action by their superiors, which has no small effect upon the welfare of the jail.
  • swatches The Sands reach round you for miles, and the greater swatches cut you off from still more distant and still more extensive reaches of sand.
  • sketchers She stood on the steps of her house, which in summer were so crowded with sketchers , and would have kissed her hand to him had not Diva been following close behind, for even on Christmas Day poor Diva was capable of finding something ill-natured to say about the most tender and womanly action ...
  • retches
  • vetches Hard, innutritious, and indigestible aliments, musty grain or hay, partially ripened rye grass, millet, Hungarian grass, vetches , peas, or maize are objectionable, as they are liable to cause indigestion or even paralysis; and corn or hay affected by smut or ergot, or that has been spoiled by wet, overripened, and rendered fibrous and innutritious, is equally objectionable.
  • high-income China 2030: Building a Modern, Harmonious, and Creative High-Income Society is an extensive study of the Economy of China published in 2012 by the World Bank, Washington, D.
  • high-living
  • highwaypersons
  • un-fixedness

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