What is the correct spelling for SCIBBLE?

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Correct spellings for SCIBBLE

  • bible The Bible is full of domestic life.
  • cable I would clutch at a straw and hold on to it as if it were a cable .
  • cobble It was the owner of the cobble who spoke.
  • cobbler With that the king borrowed an old shoe off the cobbler and went over to the inn, desired the cobbler would bring his shoe to him thither as soon as he had put on the heel again.
  • cybele A sense of religious awe,-a sympathetic recognition of the power of religious emotion over the hearts of men,-is expressed, for instance, in the lines which describe the procession of Cybele through the great cities and nations of the world.
  • dibble But she was not demure at all when two months afterwards she sat on the little bridge in the sunset, watching the very same ducks dibble with their yellow bills in the brook that trickled so musically over the stones, while Michael stood beside her, lazily throwing in pebbles for Booty's amusement; on the contrary, she was laughing and talking with a great deal of animation, and, strange to say, she wore the gray tweed, and the deerstalker cap was on her bright brown hair.
  • kibble Steam and smoke were spitting out in all directions; and men, women, and boys were employed in sorting the ore as the kibble brought it to the surface.
  • miscible In this country it may be purchased as a powder, but not readily miscible with water, so that many persons fail in making the decoction.
  • nibble Peter couldn't get so much as a nibble of the delicious bark.
  • nibbler "You haven't told us about Nibbler the House Mouse yet.
  • quibble In heaven's name, let us not quibble over words.
  • sable At the place called the Grand Sable these are from one hundred to three hundred feet high, and the region around consists of hills of drifting sand.
  • satiable And if the planets were stringed together on a cord, and near each other, or if the rays of light were roads, and the atoms of light bridges, then surely would post-houses be erected in Uranus, and the insatiable inner man-for the outer one is so very satiable -would go longing and roaming from planet to planet.
  • scale He was their child, their beautiful child; and this it was that turned the scale .
  • scribble He turned the letter and read it to the end, to the last scribble on the margin: "You should have married a girl like Winny Dymond."
  • sibyl Mrs. Sanderson offered Duncan a seat beside her and said: "I have heard of you quite frequently, Mr. Grahame, from a friend in New York, Miss Sibyl Wright, and I think you should be grateful for having such an enthusiastic admirer."
  • sickle Acre upon acre of the early-sown rice falls before the sickle .
  • sidle Then he seemed to sidle round southward, not slanting wholly out his morning cheeriness until the noonday glory slanted in.
  • sizable There, 'neath the warm, shimmering rays of a setting sun, in high relief from a grass bordered background, were two sizable red lumps soon to turn a darker hue-one on either cheek.
  • smile There was a smile on his face.
  • sociable The folks are going to give a sociable , as we call it.
  • sociably Tod Greeley and old Townley more than the others, and chatted sociably .
  • squabble In spite of a tendency to squabble , the Folletts were an affectionate family, and the mother was the center of their love.
  • stable It looked as if Wantele was urging his eager horse, already within sight of his stable , to go faster.
  • stile Luk here, me bhoy, step over th' stile .
  • stubble Across his fat red face there spread an oily smile which sank on each side into a coarse iron-grey stubble .
  • subtle Athena had a subtle way with her of making a man feel an intruder.
  • suitable He had become aware that Mrs. Kaye regarded Mabel Digby as a suitable daughter-in-law elect, almost on the day that the thought had first presented itself to the clergyman's wife and on Mabel's behalf he had at once said to himself, "Why not?"
  • Sybil That's Lady Adela's sister, Lady Sybil .
  • sibyls Michael Angelo smites no sibyls from the living stone, but he has carved the face of the very earth to his design.

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