What is the correct spelling for SCIZZORS?

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Correct spellings for SCIZZORS

  • scissor Do you hear that, you peanut-headed, scissor -shanked whelp?
  • scissors The click of your scissors has an irritating effect on me, and, as you may have noticed, I cannot spread my paper on the table.
  • scours On its convex side the stream is rapid and deep, and scours away the bank; on its concave side it is slower, shallower, and tends to become silted up.
  • Sizer As "Bill" was much given to periodic sprees, Andy was satisfied that "Tommy," who was a great sizer-up of personality, had left him in disgust and returned to his former deserted home to shift for himself.
  • Sailors The sailors eagerly responded, and tumbled ashore as soon as they were permitted, leaving merely enough for a watch on board ship.
  • Scars The poem tells us nothing immediately of the trials or passions of his life, though of both he seems to bear the scars.
  • Seizures So hot was the general anger that Jefferson could easily have led Congress into hostile measures, if not an actual declaration of war, over the multiplied seizures and this last insult.
  • seniors He can do things none of the rest of us can do, and the real question now is whether we have the right to call ourselves Seniors until we can match his ability."
  • seizes Their marriage ceremony is truly romantic; all the youth of a clan assemble, and are each armed with wadays; they then surround the young woman, and one seizes her by the arm, he is immediately attacked by another, and so on till he finds no combatant on the field, and then the conquering hero takes her to his arms.
  • saviors It seems quite incredible that the "Reds" of our own country, whether they be I. W. W.'s, Communists, members of the Communist Labor Party, or Socialists, should be merely evolutionists, harmless parliamentarians, when their brethren abroad, with whom they so much sympathize, and upon whom they look as the saviors of the world and the highest types of advanced civilization, are either avowedly attempting to overthrow their governments or else have already done so, and in not a single instance by means of the ballot.
  • silos Jerry brought her engine down to slow speed as she passed a thrifty ranch-house where barns and clustering silos , and fields of grain and cattle-dotted prairies outlying all, betokened the possibilities of the Sage Brush Valley.
  • stirs The details of his daily life he hides from them, and from all others, in the dark woods, where he spends all the sunny hours, and in the soft twilight when he stirs abroad, like an owl, after his long day's rest.
  • scows Everything had gone lovely until the chowder barge had got mixed up with a tow of coal scows and got bumped so hard that she sprung a leak.
  • sizes Not a tree nor a green thing was to be seen anywhere, but the valley was thickly covered with stones-big stones and little stones and stones of all sizes -scattered about in every direction.
  • suitors The passengers were eleven young men and one lady, and she favoured one of them, so there were ten disappointed suitors .
  • sizzles Put it into melted butter, stir till the butter sizzles , then pour over six or seven-well-beaten eggs.
  • SIRS A swift answer follows: "I will, Sirs : but a voice other than your's Quickens my spirit...."
  • quizzers Not to name the mischievous quizzers , Sharp as knives, but double as scissors, Who get you to answer quite by guess Yes for No, and No for Yes.
  • sizzlers
  • succors Many, indeed, think this strict and entire affection is to be dated from the battle at Mantinea, where they both fought, being part of the succors that were sent from Thebes to the Lacedaemonians, their then friends and allies.
  • sizzler It's going to be a rip-sizzler.
  • scions Their horses were their own, scions of good Virginian stock, with the blood of many a well-known sire-Eclipse, Brighteyes, and Timoleon-in their veins, and they knew how to care for them.
  • acceptings
  • departings
  • end-owed
  • end-owing
  • home-cooking
  • innercity
  • intervaling
  • nursle
  • pigskins
  • pilotings
  • pilseners
  • pole-position

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