What is the correct spelling for SCOTH?

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Correct spellings for SCOTH

  • acth
  • goth From time to time a sound of battle comes to you from the ends of the earth, where you are repelling the Goth , the Moor, or the Arab.
  • scat "Well, if you scat their heads with that, they won't want powder and lead," observed the other with a grin, as he rose and returned to the entrance of the cave, where he warned his comrades to keep as quiet as mice.
  • scoot "But it does seem to me that if you put the right kind of a battery into an automobile, it could scoot along pretty lively.
  • scorch Until noon they sped almost without pausing for breath, but when the sun rose high in the sky and began to scorch , the camels, which by nature perspire but little, were covered with sweat, and their pace slackened considerably.
  • scot A varying tradition bears the place of his death to have been near to the house of the Duke of Buccleuch's game-keeper, beneath the castle; and, that the fatal arrow was shot by Scot of Haining, from the ruins of a cottage on the opposite side of the Yarrow.
  • scotch When I am busy I buy some Scotch worsted and knit it too.
  • scots And again the Scots scattered the enemy, at the bayonet's point.
  • scott Then I will tell you all about General Scott and the American soldiers."
  • scour M. Le Scour draws the whole picture from life, and from his own intimate experience.
  • scout It is the British way to take the second-rate in every art and scout the best.
  • scow Just behind comes the scow .
  • scythe It seemed as if a vast scythe had passed over the land.
  • seth "Seth nodded as he ran.
  • sixth The sixth week of the journey arrived.
  • sloth This temptation to seek a "soft berth," where the only work required is sitting in an office, or talking, or writing, or riding around, is the form of sloth which is taking the strength and independence and manliness out of young men to-day faster than anything else.
  • smooth It's a blame' smooth piece of business if you ask me."
  • sooth In sooth a valiant escort!
  • soothe Elsie had gentle ways with old people, knowing instinctively how to soothe them with touch and voice.
  • south He caught the horse, mounted, and started to ride south with the party that was to try to get around the fire from that side.
  • Quoth "Willie, thee beest a merry fellow," quoth the parson to the young player when he first came back from London, "but thee shall never be soche a man as thy father."
  • Saith "Thy wife," saith he, "even Ethne the Longsided, daughter of Dunlang king of Leinster."

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