What is the correct spelling for SEABASS?

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Correct spellings for SEABASS

  • abase He forgot that great principles of justice and toleration are now so embodied in law and fixed in the hearts of the English-speaking people that society is protected, and the evils of spiritual tyranny are restricted to the few who are willing to abase their intellects to it; that the corroding evil of conventual life is minimized by healthy outside influences; and that the most advanced modern ritualist would prove too good a Christian to light an auto da fe. It was but natural that he should forget this, for he was a strong man in the centre of the conflict, and independence was the core of his being.
  • abyss They now entered upon a dark abyss; and the door which moved upon a spring, suddenly closed upon them. Or, call'd to more superior bliss, Thou tread'st, with seraphims, the vast abyss. – To The Pious Memory Of The Accomplished young Lady Mrs. Anne Killigrew... by John Dryden
  • bass I drive down Central kickin' the bass Chillin' with my freaks and I'm pickin' her face – Dead Body Man by insane clown posse
  • sass
  • seats The Arabs took seats on our left.
  • Sagas Later on it will become the greatest of all sagas.
  • scabs American soldiers are Uncle Sam's scabs in disguise."
  • stabs The first one of the detail that meets the victim selected slips up behind him and shoots or stabs him in the back.
  • seals That's why some of the seals were broken, and why the old man himself hung about like a hen that's lost one of its chickens.
  • sobs He waited in silence for my answer; it only came in low sobs.
  • sables I wish you had been with me, exploring this savage region: wrapped up in our bear-skins, we should have followed its secret avenues, and penetrated, perhaps, into some enchanted cave lined with sables, where, like the heroes of northern romances, we should have been waited upon by dwarfs, and sung drowsily to repose.
  • sabers Had the rebels, instead of relying upon their sabers and the superiority of their numbers, made use of the firearms that during the fight had become scattered about the hall, the result would have been far different.
  • seams Beds of fine clay, with fossil plants, and with seams of lignite, and even perfect coal, are intercalated.
  • sears He saw the face of Sears, the chief secretary of Fragoni, in the glass panel.
  • swabs It was a very difficult thing to put it out; water, sand and swabs were tried, and caused long detention and a smoke that threatened flame down to the end of the journey.
  • seas He has been in the South Seas, like you."
  • SUBS As they were to play subs.
  • SABRES The mounted police, stationed opposite the guillotine, had just drawn their sabres.
  • zebus The Zebus are spread over India, China, the Archipelago, Madagascar, and several parts of Africa.
  • scubas
  • sabras
  • seabirds
  • seabeds
  • Seuss
  • seaways
  • Serbs
  • slabs
  • acceptabilities
  • beller
  • de-based
  • de-basement
  • dis-imprison
  • discreating
  • disentitlement
  • energygiving