What is the correct spelling for SEAFODD?

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Correct spellings for SEAFODD

  • afford He knew that he couldn't afford to be careless for even one little minute. I want all the nice things in life I can never afford, I want to go places I have never been before, – Good Life by Forever The Sickest Kids
  • food It's perfectly disgraceful to cook George's food before he is ready for it." Fill your knapsack up with food And head out while you're in the mood – Go For The Gold by Kidnell Katie
  • ford Here is another ford, and we must swim the calves. Now they call me Whitey Ford And I say praise the Lord – Get Down by everlast
  • leafed No breath of wind came to stir the heavily leafed trees, no sound broke the stillness.
  • safe That is why he is so safe from me.
  • safety Try to forgive me; I am so fond of you, and so glad to see you here in safety.
  • said "It is a most extraordinary story," Spencer said quietly.
  • sand We shall be covered up in the sand."
  • saudi Zambia: Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, South Africa, US, Malaysia (1997)
  • saved By so doing he saved his head.
  • savor If the enthusiasm in these words savor of exaggeration, Venice is the place that will lure one to forgetfulness of it.
  • savoy He had left the Savoy alone, and he was discovered in Melbourne Square alone.
  • seabed The most significant issues covered were setting limits, navigation, archipelagic status and transit regimes, exclusive economic zones (EEZs), continental shelf jurisdiction, deep seabed mining, the exploitation regime, protection of the marine environment, scientific research, and settlement of disputes.
  • seabird "I want him shipped aboard the Seabird," returned the other, "and Smith's the man to do it."
  • seaboard Moreover, although the Democratic vote on the Atlantic seaboard was less than that received by Cleveland in 1892, Bryan's support in the Middle West showed considerable gains over the earlier year, while Kansas, Nebraska and all the mining states except California were carried by the silver cause.
  • sealed Whether he comes up with the papers, or sends them, they shall be received, sealed up, and taken care of.
  • seamed Bosses of rock thrust themselves forward, patched with lichen and moss, seamed and fringed with fern and heath.
  • seaport The ancient seaport had gathered for itself quaint names and treasures; it was pleased with its old fashions and noble memories; its ancient bells had not lost their sweet voices, and a flavor of the past pervaded everything.
  • seared Lucas's face was seared with his passions as with the torture-iron; he clinched his hands together, breathing hard.
  • seaside She had to bear the discredit into which the seaside fell with the mothers of all the other sick children.
  • seat Here Jim Smith's face turned from red to pale, and he moved about uneasily in his seat.
  • seated She seated herself carelessly in the front seat beside his bag.
  • seaward She gave one more glance seaward, and then turning, took to her heels in terror.
  • seaweed
  • seeded
  • seedy But she smiled up at the gray face above her-Tom, too, was as seedy as the premises-and she nodded.
  • serf There was one rather good sentence in it about our liberated serf, who was to march over the face of the fatherland bearing a torch in his hand.
  • serfdom
  • servo
  • seward
  • sift
  • soddy Ramsay and Soddy, confining a minute bubble of radium emanation in a fine glass tube, were able to watch the development of the helium spectrum as, day by day, the emanation decayed.
  • soft
  • softy
  • sold
  • staff
  • steady
  • Savored The idea of leaving his beloved fifth level for an entire afternoon savored almost of sacrilege.
  • Scarfed The company embarked upon the Meuse, in a fleet of gaily-scarfed; and painted vessels, many of which were filled with musicians.
  • Served
  • Sephardi
  • Sanford "Mr. Templeton lent me the key," explained Mr. Sanford.
  • Stafford
  • spoofed
  • SAFER They asked themselves where all that came from, and concluded that it was safer to throw you overboard.
  • seafood The most diverse shipments of seafood from Baja California cross the international border between Tijuana, B.
  • sieved
  • staffed
  • surfed