What is the correct spelling for SEAVIEW?

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Correct spellings for SEAVIEW

  • heave "She'd make us heave to and show our papers.
  • leave Would you leave him where he is, Sir?
  • review Is it not more than likely that they passed in review before him?
  • save The boy who had been her friend, who had tried to save her!
  • saved Such as my life is, you have saved it.
  • saver But I was not a tea-cup saver by nature.
  • saving The boy, sitting on a horse, which also as though by a miracle recovered its strength, and keeping Nell before him, dashed across the plain towards the saving sounds.
  • savior "'I return to my home, but, I beg of you, allow me to take away this ridiculous costume which was my savior .
  • saviour Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, Saviour of Society.
  • savor "Why, yes, clever in a way," admitted the doctor, glaring at the captain through his big black-rimmed glasses, "but does it not savor somewhat of-h'm-of deception?
  • savoy 157 Eugene of Savoy , Prince, vii.
  • serve The lady's own ayah will go with her to her own country, to serve her as I serve thee.
  • server And the King received them much joyously, and made of Amis his treasurer, and of Amile his server .
  • service All the rest go into the merchant service .
  • servile He saw exposed a pitiful, unstable wretch, with a body drained of strength and nerve, and a spirit servile to base instances.
  • servo For none do I acknowledge as really my books, except perhaps De Servo Arbitrio and the Catechism."
  • seven One little boy there seven years old.
  • sever How quickly he had set his foot on the first step; but each upward stride was followed by one that dragged him down-nay, it had seemed advisable wholly to renounce the effort to ascend them, when the monk expected him to sever the bond which united him to the Emperor, and to tell the sovereign that he had entered the service of a greater Master, who commanded him to fight with other weapons than the sword and lance.
  • shave In this part of California it is only the women who are tattooed, and the men never shave their heads, excepting for the loss of a near relative.
  • sieve I worked hard and feverishly, loosening the ground with the pick, filling the sieve with my bare hands, sifting out the sand, and sorting what remained.
  • slaver But even this 10-ton slaver was not the limit.
  • soave La tua soave imagine chi mai, chi mai scordar potra!
  • soviet The missing American failed to phone or keep appointment made with publisher of Imparcial in connection with Soviet threats ...
  • stave This, ladies and gentlemen, is Herr Digby Owen, the stave -counter of my timber-yard!
  • suave Had the wayward and petulant Nina-forgetting all the suave and gracious demeanor she had been teaching herself since she came to England-had she run away in a fit of temper, breaking her engagement at the theatre, and causing alarm and anxiety to her friends, all about nothing?
  • weave 8488. Do any of your people knit or weave ?
  • xavier Madge confessed with grief that Eliz had mistaken Xavier for Courthope.
  • Served The men were all of opinion that they would be better served by Mr. Leask, than by any person whom he might send there.
  • Sheave Of course the sheave-carrier is wrong for a hostess!
  • Soever And the Witches from Fife held festival with them, and danced, and feasted, and sang with them, and, what was of more consequence, they learned from them certain wonderful words, which, when they uttered them, would bear them through the air, and would undo all bolts and bars, and so gain them admittance to any place soever where they wanted to be.
  • Sadie "I guess it is," said Sadie .
  • Stevie "You mustn't think of it any more, Stevie .
  • Sylvie He'll ha' been here, Sylvie ?
  • serves "And it serves me right.
  • saves It saves them the trouble of going a greater distance for them.
  • SAFER That might make him safer, although he was no longer in any immediate danger.
  • EAVE Come, that I may not hear the winds of Night, Nor count the heavy eave-drops as they fall.
  • heavier When Miette had returned with the articles, Monsieur Roger continued: "I told you a moment ago that if balloons and smoke and clouds do not fall, it is because they find themselves in the midst of air which is heavier than they are.
  • seamier It had still further brought out all that was good in Delia; and what was good in the eldest daughter of disreputable, tippling old Calmour was, strange to say, very good indeed; and, as is not infrequently the case, a certain amount of knowledge of the seamier side of life rendered her all the more safe and useful a companion to the younger girl, every day of whose existence had been spent in sunshine.
  • alehouses
  • dis-criminations
  • hastenings

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