What is the correct spelling for SELECION?

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Correct spellings for SELECION

  • ellison "That's right," Dick Ellison announced.
  • lesson "It is time for the lesson ," the King called out.
  • salerno I remained two days in Salerno to provide myself with linen and other necessaries.
  • salon Adolphine had walked mechanically to the piano; she was suffering intensely, she would have liked to leave the salon , but she dared not, because it would have worried her father.
  • saloon There was one saloon in the place.
  • sealskin The sealskin looks blacker than it was.
  • season "You have not been here in the hot season yet.
  • selection The reason for Rody's selection of this spot was another proof of his profound selfishness.
  • selling 5293. To whom did he say you were selling fish?
  • silicon The Well, based just outside Silicon Valley in the United States, has The Future conference.
  • silicone Gently, watching the instruments, he tested bow and stern rockets, matching fore and aft forces delicately, tentatively increasing stern thrust until the craft barely stirred in its silicone -greased, magnetized launching rack.
  • slain Then came to the councils the comforting word of the death of a white boy slain by a Pamunkey arrow.
  • sleeping "Two rooms are all I should want," she continued, with a curious sigh; "one for eating, one for sleeping .
  • slicing Sure of his own wrist as the most perfect swordsman in France, he had fondled the thought of slicing off a finger or two, mayhap a thumb, from the hand of le petit Anglais, or better still of gashing milor's face across nose and cheek so as to mar for ever those good looks which the ladies of Versailles had so openly admired.
  • sluicing The collection of water and quick work in "sluicing" are most important, for the streams give down only about so much water in the spring.
  • solon Since they had Left Mount Solon and Elk Run Valley on May 19 the troops in four days had made just sixty miles.
  • solution That would be one solution .
  • splicing There he found the farmer engaged in mending a hoe-handle, which had been broken, by splicing it.
  • Fleecing Just now there is a good bit of fleecing going on in this fashion-both of the public and the wage-workers.
  • Silencing There was no silencing the rumours of the sort of life he was leading.
  • Sleeking
  • Sleeting
  • Solacing Nor did she have any sweet and solacing dreams about travellers from a far country who would step ashore here in pomp and state.
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  • Lucien To-night Lucien was to arrange matters with Orlandi, as he had already done with Colona, and the meeting-place was at the ruins of the Castle of Vicentello d'Istria.

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