What is the correct spelling for SEN'T?

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Correct spellings for SEN'T

  • bent Peggy put her elbows on the table, and her head on her hands, and bent in good earnest over the book. But it's in the Bent So when the feds come the dogs can't get a scent – Money, Power, Respect by Lil' Kim
  • cent "The Coville Company-of which I own over ninety-five per cent of the stock.
  • dent =: Dent , Upper Canadian Rebellion.
  • gent I begin straight off to talk to him like a gent : 'Sir, would you be so kind as to give me a light from your cigarette'-or something of the sort.
  • kent "It was not so bad," said Kent .
  • lent There was a time when I was not so, at least not to you-when a word, a look could guide me, when I lent myself patiently to every whim.
  • pent In those far-off primeval days Fair India's daughters were not pent In closed zenanas.
  • rent When at last the Captain spoke, his voice was rent with feeling.
  • saint Pretty much of a saint , isn't she?"
  • sand The sand had caught his feet.
  • scent They reached Paris next evening; but by that time the newspapers were hot on the scent of the missing King.
  • seat Mr. Orcutt took his seat with the simple reply: "Go on with the case."
  • sect A man who thoroughly knows the world must be capable of understanding all phases of life,-not only those of his own country, class, profession, or sect .
  • sen So, though neither the priest of Sais nor his Greek auditor, and still less Plato, dreamed of the fact, the wonderful island State of which the Egyptian tradition preserved the memory, was indeed Minoan Crete, and the men of the Lost Atlantis whose portraits Produs saw in Egypt were none other than the Keftiu of the tombs of Sen -mut and Rekh-ma-ra.
  • senate The watch were to find her red-handed, so to speak; the leech was to prove whether her house was indeed plague-stricken; and in either case the senate wished to have the sorceress safe in prison and at their mercy, though even Philippus had not been taken into their confidence.
  • send Mr. Sparling knows how to send for people when he wants them, doesn't he?"
  • sens "Pour le bien savourer, c'est trop peu que des sens ; Il faut une ame pure et des gouts innocens;"
  • sent How could you think that I had sent you "Young Siegfried" only to look at?
  • sept 18,510 180.6 37.1 18,143 -367 Ditto Sept .
  • set "It was something that happened yesterday what set her wrong, an' if I was you, sir, I'd find out what happened in that house first of all.
  • sett I hope thoze who take the pain tew read this squiblet, will giv me credit for writing what i think, if it ain't so sarching and brilliant, and i would thank thoze who semioftenly advice me tew pump more power and doxology into what i write, tew purchase me out and sett up the hot paragraff trade theirselfs, and giv us wit on the haff-shell, nitroglycerine humor, fun soaked in kamphene, jests crazy tew go oph at haff cock, and raw sense that will make a saw-hoss laff.
  • snit
  • spent
  • tent
  • vent
  • Went
  • Santa I took a taxi out to the base at Santa Rosa and the whole camp had.
  • snot

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