What is the correct spelling for SEQULES?

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Correct spellings for SEQULES

  • sales Last spring sales they were calling me 'Laird of Ayrmuir.
  • sellers If you will look at the successes you will find out that the proprietors were good buyers as well as good sellers but that the particular point that made them successful was their ability to make careful analysis in the matter of expenses.
  • sequel I cannot vouch for the correctness of this sequel, however.
  • sexless With Wantele the relations of Mabel Digby had always been of a singularly close and sexless nature.
  • Sulks But he lost his sulks when I showed him the watch: and he too whistled, and we stood stock-still gazing at the child, who had halted with one bare foot on the edge of the gutter.
  • Jules I was also introduced to M. Jules Ferry, then Prime Minister, who said, among other things: "I am sorry to confess it, but it is only too true, our French women are far behind their sisters in America."
  • Squires Had the squire received the whole of his rents for his own private use he would have been well off as squires go.
  • Scales On that dreadful journey the scales had suddenly fallen from my eyes, and with the same ingenuity which I had formerly exercised to confirm my own errors, I now sought out every argument expressly to torment myself with the conviction that I alone was responsible for the loss of this much cherished being.
  • Schedules The formation of a complete system of schedules and returns, together with full records of all admissions, discharges, deaths, and accidents.
  • Skulls They had singled each other out, being evidently champions of their respective parties, and it was wonderful to observe the dexterity with which they assaulted each other, and defended their heads from blows, which, if delivered as intended, would have crushed their skulls or broken their arms or legs.
  • secures I do not mean to say that man first secures himself completely against his enemies, and then goes out to hunt for a meal.
  • sequoias The principle is older than the Christian Era, older than the sequoias of California, older than the Pyramids, older than Chinese civilization.
  • settles "Settles us," Farrel said shortly.
  • squares The letters are arranged upon a slate ruled into little squares, by which the eye is guided in preserving regularity.
  • sequels As she read her books, so she read people, with intense interest as how it would end and always longing for sequels.
  • seals There were no seals on the ice.
  • sculls By the lamplight I am sure I saw a score of double sculls, sixes, and possibly eights, and skiffs and punts-all sorts of river boats, and as far as I could see, all in order; the men who have both such a Club and boat-house are to be envied.
  • squalls It was very cold, with a sharp wind blowing from the south-east and rain-squalls.
  • secludes The sinking moon Secludes herself in massive thunderclouds.
  • sells In every business the man who sells things, who brings in the profits, is the man who gets the best pay.
  • sickles Later on, when the ears of wheat are ripe and the reapers are sharpening their sickles, if you walk here, with the corn on either hand, every ten or twenty yards a cloud of sparrows and small birds will rise from it, literally hiding the hawthorn bush on which they settle, so that the green tree looks brown.
  • souls You know well that I have not understood what you have just said, and that words have no meaning when souls are not within reach of each other.
  • equals Some people have objected that there can be no good in exchange, because that which is given equals in value that which is received.
  • squeals The frog struggles and squeals, but it is in vain; the snake, if once he takes hold, will gradually get him down.
  • suckles The nurse even, who suckles our child, may be a paid spy.
  • squaws Such a position was for suppliants and squaws and children.
  • SEQUINS The blue-black sequins on her dress glittered and shone in the dull light.
  • sexes This I can entirely contradict, for I have met with many trustworthy persons of both sexes, who have given me accounts of such appearances having been actually witnessed by themselves.
  • squealers While I'd my sight, They'd scarce the nerve to look me in the eye, The blinking, slinking squealers!
  • scullers Very few scullers realise the great importance of even action of wrists.
  • seagulls There is an old abandoned lighthouse tower that the seagulls scream round.
  • segues
  • skulks "Yes," said Milner, with an oath, "if it were not for these ugly skulks of feet of mine."
  • joules
  • speckles Speckles of sunshine trickled down through the foliage and the tree trunks were spotted with yellow light.
  • aguey
  • disapprovers
  • homesteaded
  • horseplayed
  • hypo-critical
  • johnnies-come-lately
  • mis-files
  • mis-fires
  • owner-manual

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