What is the correct spelling for SEVON?

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Correct spellings for SEVON

  • avon We went on to Stratford-on-Avon, with Shakspeare's tomb, his house in Henley Street, and the pretty old thatched cottage where he wooed his wife-Anne Hathaway.
  • devon This is by no means a rare fossil in the slaty limestone of South Devon , and, like the Eifel form, is confined to the middle group of this country.
  • even I did not even look at it.
  • saving Not that he had formed any plan of saving himself in that way.
  • savor Well, I presume it's a cross, said Mrs. Savor , and I don't feel right to take her.
  • savoy Will you tell me then, why, when I spoke to you at the Savoy Restaurant the other night, you denied your own identity?
  • scion Another uncle of his had performed a similar task in 1749. True scion of a noble family, Levinsohn followed in their wake, and his effort was declared to be a "sharp sword forged by a master, to fight for our honor."
  • season The prevailing wind, and the wind that brings most of the rain in the wet season , is the east or south-east.
  • seen "Seems as if it was a callin' of Providence," she murmured to herself, as she slowly and thoughtfully mounted the stairs and returned to the nursery; and had any one known the circumstances he might have seen that the old nurse's resolution respecting that gold was wavering; "seems as if it was a callin' of Providence.
  • sen Summer Palace, 52 Sung dynasty, 30, 45 Sun Yat Sen , 65, 68, 128, 140, 253-6 Supreme Ruler.
  • senor And so words ran high, and in the end the Senor Sarceda, who is third in command among us, declared that he would be no party to this peacemaking, but would be gone to Mexico with his servants, there to report to the viceroy.
  • sermon The redoubtable Duncan of Knockdunder was making his preparations also for the sermon .
  • serving A little further to the west, at the mouth of the Almendares river, stands a little fort, or tower, called Chorrera, serving as a western outpost as Cojimar serves as an eastern outpost.
  • servo The Aztec gave a lurch, altering the direction of forces on their bodies again as a servo control kicked the ship into the long shallow spiral of escape.
  • seton He had found John Burroughs and Ernest Thompson Seton were side by side, and as they were then engaged in a heated controversy upon the habits of beasts and birds, in which both had gone too far in their criticisms, they were at dagger's points.
  • seven Just now there are seven .
  • sevens I said to him: I will cold deck you, and give you three kings, a seven and a eight, and you must put your thumb over one of the spots on the eight, so that the Jew will think you have a king full on sevens when he sees your hand.
  • sever He showed that, for this purpose, it can sever its byssus, and re-form it at pleasure, so as to migrate and moor itself in favourable situations.
  • severn That of the East Angles, the counties of Cambridge, Suffolk, and Norfolk; Mercia was extended over all the middle counties, from the banks of the Severn to the frontiers of these two kingdoms.
  • sewn "Afterwards Masapo was smelt out as a wizard by old Zikali, I having caused a bag of the poison to be sewn in his kaross in order to deceive Zikali, and killed by your order, O King, and Mameena was given to me as a wife, also by your order, O King, which was what I desired.
  • siphon The best trap for this purpose is the siphon or running trap.
  • sivan
  • son
  • soon
  • Sean Long, long minutes later he shook his head as Sean O'Donohue stormed at him.
  • Steven
  • Evan As the white-robed figure went upward in his white chariot, he said quite quietly to Evan : "There is an answer to all the folly talked about equality.
  • Sven
  • servos The force was enough to rock him slightly off-balance before the servos readjusted.
  • sieving Contact time between mass streams is important in consider in mass transfer and affects the sieving coefficient.

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