What is the correct spelling for SHARKES?

If you accidentally misspelled "sharkes", fret not! The correct spelling is "sharks". It's easy to make typos or mix up letters, but correcting them is a breeze. Just remember to double-check your spelling and proofread your work. Happy writing about those fascinating ocean predators!

Correct spellings for SHARKES

  • Charges The store charges a fee for late returns of rented items.
  • hakes I saw a group of Hakes swimming in the river.
  • harks The harks are calling.
  • shackles The prisoner was escorted into the courtroom wearing shackles.
  • shake I should give her a good shake to wake her up.
  • shaker I need a shaker for this recipe.
  • shakers The bartender gave us some shakers to mix our drinks.
  • shakes
  • shakos The soldiers wore tall shakos with plumes on parade.
  • shanks My parents bought me a new pair of shoes, but I can't wear them because the shanks are too tight.
  • sharers The sharers of the company's profits were the employees who had worked hard all year.
  • shares I bought some shares of Apple stock last month.
  • shark Swimming with a shark can be thrilling, but also dangerous.
  • Sharked The beach was Sharked on the last day of the weekend.
  • Sharks The sharks were circling around the boat.
  • shirkers The boss was dissatisfied with the amount of work being done by the shirkers on the team.
  • shirks He often shirks his responsibilities at work and doesn't complete them on time.

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