What is the correct spelling for SHAV?

If you meant to type "shave" but accidentally typed "shav", fear not! Auto-correct mistakes are common. Next time, double-check before sending. In the meantime, make sure to proofread your messages, use spell-check or slow down while typing to avoid similar errors.

Correct spellings for SHAV

  • SAV
  • Sh av
  • SHA
  • Shad I had never tasted shad before, but it turned out to be quite delicious!
  • Shag The shag carpet in the living room was hard to clean but it gave the space a cozy feel.
  • Shah During the 16th century, the Mughal Empire was ruled by several powerful Shahs.
  • Sham He knew the apology was a sham and refused to accept it.
  • Shan Shan is a common Chinese surname.
  • Shat
  • Shave He forgot to shave this morning and had stubble all day.
  • Shaw Shaw was a renowned playwright and critic of the 20th century.
  • Shay Shay always has a way of making everyone feel welcome in her home.
  • Shiv The prisoner used a makeshift shiv to attack his cellmate.
  • Slav Slavs are a cultural and ethnic group of people originating from Central and Eastern Europe.
  • STAV