What is the correct spelling for SHAVEL?

If you were looking for the correct spelling of "shavel", you might have meant "shovel". A shovel is a tool used for digging or moving dirt, sand and other materials. It has a long handle and a broad, scooped blade. Double-checking spellings is always a good practice for accurate communication.

Correct spellings for SHAVEL

  • gavel The judge banged his gavel on the desk to signal the end of the trial.
  • havel
  • hovel The homeless man was forced to live in a small hovel under a bridge.
  • navel She examined her belly button, tracing her finger around her navel.
  • ravel I could not ravel the tangled mess of yarn.
  • shale The shale oil deposits are plentiful in Pennsylvania.
  • shall The sentence containing "shall" is "You shall not smoke in the building.
  • shapely The mannequin in the store window displayed a stunningly shapely figure.
  • shave I need to shave before we start.
  • shaved I shaved my legs this morning before putting on my dress.
  • shaven He had just gotten a shaven look for the summer.
  • shaver My electric shaver died halfway through shaving my beard.
  • shaves My father always shaves with an electric razor.
  • shawl My shawl needs to be hemmed.
  • Sheave The worker carefully attached the pulley to the sheave in order to lift the heavy equipment.
  • Sheaved The worker sheaved the heavy load of logs onto the truck for transport.
  • Sheaves The farmer stacked the harvested wheat into sheaves.
  • shiver The sudden gust of cold wind made me shiver uncontrollably.
  • shove I wanted to shove my way through the crowd, but they were too tight.
  • shovel I used a shovel to dig a hole for the tree.
  • shovels We need to buy shovels to dig the garden.
  • shrivel The flowers began to shrivel in the blazing sun.
  • suavely She suavely refused his offer for a date.