What is the correct spelling for SHENT?

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Correct spellings for SHENT

  • bent Not long after he went home with his head bent for he was very sorrowful. Paper wings, all torn and bent You made me feel like They were heaven sent – Paper Wings by Gillian Welch
  • cent Haven't you stripped her of every cent she has?
  • chant To right and left bow the shepherds, worshipping in dumb show, while voices from behind chant a solemn hymn.
  • cheat The dwarf and his cronies being put into his majesty's jail of Newgate, where the plague was raging fearfully, they all died in a week, and so managed to cheat the executioner. It makes you cheat It steals your shoes and cuts your feet – Spirit Road by Neil Young
  • chert The Rhynie chert , by preserving a snapshot of an ecosystem in situ in high fidelity, gives a unique opportunity to observe interactions between species and kingdoms.
  • dent J. M. Dent & Co. 300 copies on Dutch hand-made paper and 1500 ordinary copies.
  • gent Is that what happened to Pilli and the other gent out there?
  • ghent When the Ministry finally sent commissioners to Ghent , on August 8, 1814, it was not with any expectation of coming to a prompt agreement, but merely to engage the Americans while the various expeditions then under way took Washington and Baltimore, occupied northern New York, and captured New Orleans.
  • hint I took the hint then and got up and went out.
  • hunt She said, "Perhaps he met a lady who never goes outdoors, who has power, when he went to hunt deer."
  • kent "I will," said Kent , "I will;" adding, "Down you go."
  • lent I have lent myself."
  • pent It passed-the torrent force, long pent , aching against its barriers.
  • rent He kept a cook, and the rent of the rooms was a thousand francs a year.
  • scent Has he set another dog on the scent ?
  • send I didn't quite have the courage to send him money.
  • sent You will find Lionel at home, for I sent him word I would call.
  • shandy "Bring ten men, beside yourself, Shandy ," commanded Norman of Torn.
  • shanty And what about the shanty and the cook?
  • shed And then he fell, just under my cart-shed.
  • sheen They called her "Sheen," a word that means "Storm," because her coming was a storm that swept away her seven brothers.
  • sheeny With beards as lustrous as the woodbine's gold And breasts more sheeny than thyself, O Moon, Fresh from the wrestler's glorious toil they came.
  • sheet Give me a pen and a sheet of paper."
  • shevat
  • shin "Me shin them trees," said Wampum; "me make you basket."
  • shine "He is not dead," she said; and trembling violently, she ran to the window to draw aside the curtain, looking over her shoulder in a frightened way; but before light could shine in upon the solemn chamber she stopped short.
  • shinto If it is dedicated to Shinto , there are no images in it, and very few ornaments, if we except a mirror and a large locked press with the doors smashed in, which sometimes occupies the wall opposite the entrance, and in which, as I have already stated, the spirit of the deity is said to dwell.
  • shiny He was a small, worried-looking man, with pale face, hooked nose and shiny black hair.
  • shirt Let me have the shirt you are going to wear to-morrow, and say no more about it."
  • shoat
  • shoot
  • short
  • shot
  • shout
  • shun
  • shunt
  • shut
  • spent
  • tent
  • vent
  • Went
  • Shan't Don't you worry, we shan't lose them.
  • Shewn
  • Shone
  • Shined
  • Chen Anopheles carnevalei Brunhes le Goff & Geoffroy 1999 Anopheles cristipalpis Service 1977 Anopheles murphyi Gillies 1968 Anopheles pharoensis Theobald 1901 Anopheles swahilicus Gillies 1964 Group Squamosus (Grjebine 1966) Anopheles cydippis de Meillon 1931 Anopheles squamosusTheobald 1901 Series Myzomyia Anopheles apoci Marsh 1933 Anopheles azaniae Bailly-Choumara 1960 Anopheles barberellus Evans 1932 Anopheles brunnipes Theobald 1910 Anopheles domicola Edwards 1916 Anopheles dthali Patton 1905 Anopheles erythraeus Corradetti 1939 Anopheles ethiopicus Gillies & Coetzee 1987 Anopheles flavicosta Edwards 1911 Anopheles fontinalis Gillies 1968 Anopheles majidi Young & Majid 1928 Anopheles moucheti* Evans 1925 subspecies bervoetsi DHaenans 1961 subspecies moucheti Evans 1925 subspecies nigeriensis Anopheles schwetzi Evans 1934 Anopheles tchekedii de Meillon & Leeson 1940 Anopheles walravensi Edwards 1930 Group Demeilloni (Gillies & De Meillon 1962) Anopheles carteri Evans & de Meillon 1933 Anopheles demeilloni Evans 1933 Anopheles freetownensis Evans 1925 Anopheles garnhami Edwards 1930 Anopheles keniensis Evans 1931 Anopheles lloreti Gil Collado 1936 Anopheles sergentii* Theobald 1907 subspecies macmahoni Evans 1936 subspecies sergentii Theobald 1907 Group Funestus (Garros et al 2004) Anopheles jeyporiensis James 1902 Subgroup Aconitus (Chen et al.
  • Shane
  • Shana
  • Sheena
  • shunts
  • SHPT
  • shiest
  • she'd

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