What is the correct spelling for SHHOK?

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Correct spellings for SHHOK

  • chock I am so chock -full of the life and reflected radiance that I have stored up there, so many sources have been opened out, so many seeds have germinated, that I scarcely know how to use all my vast wealth, I write till my fingers bleed, and there is always more to write....
  • choke "I very much want to choke you," he said.
  • fishhook The stranger was a tall, smoky man, hollow-faced, grim; adorned with a large brown mustache which drooped over his thin mouth; a bony man with sharp shoulders, and a stoop which began in the region of the stomach, as if induced by drawing in upon himself in times of poignant hunger, which he must have felt frequently in his day to wear him down to that state of bones; with the under lid of his left eye caught at a point and drawn down until it showed red, as if held by a fishhook to drain it of unimaginable tears.
  • hock In half an hour more she was wide awake; she opened her eyes and asked for a glass of hock , with beef essence or oysters.
  • hog To Billy's gun had fallen a plump young deer and Lathrop had brought down, not without a feeling of considerable pride, a species of wild hog which Sikaso proclaimed with a grunt was "heap good."
  • hook So I took things on my own hook and went to Cottonton, where I moseyed round considerable.
  • hooke Robert Hooke , the son of a minister who died when he was thirteen, helped Boyle build his air pump.
  • hooky Theresa, who is sixteen, works in a department store, and Tim sells papers before and after school, and sometimes, I am afraid, when he plays hooky .
  • shack He was just beginning to breathe freely again when Fran came running from the week-end-shack.
  • shake I 'd like to shake hands with him once again.
  • shaky There's a couple of men over there that are shaky .
  • shank There was a stout chain to the shank end, which could be secured to a log, and the iron lips had no teeth.
  • shark Thus, among the Tlingit there are eighteen great families, with the name of wolf, bear, eagle, whale, shark , porpoise, puffin, orca, orca-bear; raven, frog, goose, beaver, owl, sea-lion, salmon, dogfish, crow.
  • sheik They jeered at and jostled him, but at evening the old sheik , who superintended the work, gave him twelve dates.
  • sheikh Upon a raised dais having candles set at his head and feet reposed a venerable sheikh , dead.
  • shirk I never possessed any quality but a wild spirit for adventure, to shirk work.
  • shock This waiter came as a shock .
  • shook Peter Rabbit shook his head.
  • shuck Shuck, - shook, ditto.
  • Shaka Und gry as 'e shaka da boot: "Zis haythen haf nevaire been oot!"
  • SHH That will be a part of your duties, but-" "S-shh!
  • Shrek In 2006 Buckley moved to Los Angeles to collaborate on a number of Harry Gregson-Williams’ scores, including Shrek , Gone Baby Gone, Flushed Away, Arthur Christmas, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and The Number 23.