What is the correct spelling for SHIRNKS?

If you meant to type "shirnks" but made a mistake, there are a few possible corrections. It could be "shrinks", referring to something becoming smaller in size. Another option is "shirts", which are garments worn on the upper body. Lastly, "shrieks" refers to loud, high-pitched sounds. Always double-check your spelling to avoid confusion!

Correct spellings for SHIRNKS

  • chinks I noticed some chinks in the walls of the old cabin.
  • shanks The hiker slipped and injured his shanks on the rocky terrain.
  • Sharks Sharks are fascinating creatures that play an important role in our oceans' ecosystems.
  • shines The sun shines bright in the sky during the day.
  • SHINS He kicked the ball so hard that it hit me on the shins.
  • shirks He often shirks his duties and leaves his work for others to do.
  • shrinks When ice melts, it shrinks in size.
  • sinks The water pressure in the sinks was too low to adequately wash dishes.
  • thinks She thinks that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.