What is the correct spelling for SHJOW?

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Correct spellings for SHJOW

  • choc I love to indulge in a rich, creamy choc truffle after a long day at work.
  • chow I'll have the chow mein please.
  • cow My uncle has a cow.
  • jaw My jaw hurts from clenching it so tight.
  • jew A Jew is someone who follows the Jewish faith.
  • Jo The new girl at school, Jo, is really weird.
  • Joe I'm Joe.
  • joy I feel so much joy when I see my grandson.
  • scow The ship had too much weight and stirred up too much water, causing it to swamp and sink like a scow.
  • SH She heard a loud "sh" sound and turned around to see who had made it.
  • shack I'm going to fix up the shack.
  • shadow She walks in the shadow of the tall building.
  • Shaka The king of the Zulu tribe, Shaka, is considered one of the most powerful and feared leaders in history.
  • shake I always shake my head when I hear that song.
  • shaky After the earthquake, many people were shaky.
  • shark I saw a shark swimming in the ocean.
  • shaw I saw a shaw of mist over the river this morning.
  • She She walked through the door and greeted her friends with a big smile on her face.
  • sheik The sheik rode through the desert with his caravan of camels.
  • Sheol In Sheol, the dead were judged.
  • shew I must shew you this document before we proceed with the meeting.
  • shirk He never shirks his responsibilities and always puts in 110%.
  • shock She received a shock when she realized how much money she had spent on food.
  • shod The horse slipped on the wet pavement because it was shod improperly.
  • shoe I need to buy a new shoe for my left foot because the old one has a hole in it.
  • shoo "Shoo, cat, don't scratch my new couch!"
  • shook The earthquake shook the entire building, causing people to panic and rush for safety.
  • shoos She shoos the dog.
  • shoot I didn't have time to adjust the shoot settings on my camera before the moment had passed.
  • shop I love to shop for clothes on sale.
  • shot I took a shot of tequila before the party started.
  • show I am excited to see the Broadway show next week.
  • shower I need to take a quick shower before the party.
  • Shown The pictures shown in the exhibit were very artistically done.
  • shows The science fair shows demonstrated various principles of physics and chemistry.
  • showy Her dress was so showy that everyone was looking at her.
  • shrew The shrew scurried across the garden, its tiny body barely visible as it disappeared into the undergrowth.
  • shuck I had to shuck a lot of corn for our family barbecue.
  • shy I get shy around new people.
  • SJ I signed up for SJ's mailing list.

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