What is the correct spelling for SHOOES?

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Correct spellings for SHOOES

  • choose You must choose here-and now." The intellect of man is forced to choose perfection of the life, or of the work, And if it take the second must refuse A heavenly mansion, raging in the dark. – The Choice by William Butler Yeats
  • chooser She said: Thou sayest the sooth; I have found the thing I sought: A Maid for thee is shapen, and a Queen for thee is wrought: In the waste land hard by Lymdale a marvellous hall is built, With its roof of the red gold beaten, and its wall-stones over-gilt: Afar o'er the heath men see it, but no man draweth nigher, For the garth that goeth about it is nought but the roaring fire, A white wall waving aloft; and no window nor wicket is there, Whereby the shielded earl-folk or the sons of the merchants may fare: But few things from me are hidden, and I know in that hall of gold Sits Brynhild, white as a wild-swan where the foamless seas are rolled; And the daughter of Kings of the world, and the sister of Queens is she, And wise, and Odin's Chooser , and the Breath of Victory: But for this cause sitteth she thus in the ring of the Wavering Flame, That no son of the Kings will she wed save the mightiest master of fame, And the man who knoweth not fear, and the man foredoomed of fate To ride through her Wavering Fire to the door of her golden gate: And for him she sitteth and waiteth, and him shall she cherish and love, Though the Kings of the world should withstand it, and the Gods that sit above.
  • choosy You're a winner so you gotta be choosy 'Cause you can't love everybody I live my life like a movie Act like you know somebody – The One by B2K
  • shoe bonnet unbanded, your sleeve unbuttoned, your shoe untied and every thing about you demonstrating a careless desolation; but you are no such man; you are rather point-device in your accoutrements as – As You Like It: Act III, scene II by Unknown Author
  • shoes The world is spinning too fast, And I'm buying Nike shoes To keep myself tethered To the days I tried to lose. – 19-2000 by gorillaz
  • shoo moo shoo shoo moo moo shoo muh moo shoo moo moo shoo shoo moo moo shoo shoo Do the moo shoo – Do The Moo Shoo by Veggie Tales (Related Recordings)
  • Chose The Jews well know their pow'r: ere Saul they chose, God was their king, and God they durst depose. – Absalom And Achitophel A Poem by John Dryden
  • Shots Eventually Nail Us All Talking Starts While Talking Shots Till You've Got To Fall Broken Hearts, & Twisted Thoughts – Constant Past by Jeff's Trippin Out
  • chooses Believing as I do, I choose to sell out; believing as he does, he chooses to buy in. up is why he chooses, the kisses and the bruises – When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down) by great big sea
  • shows Don't hang around and let your problems surround you There are movie shows downtown Maybe you know some little places to go to Where they never close downtown – Downtown by Unknown Author
  • showers Of airports, taxis and motorway showers, Groping for a key in the afterhours. – German Overalls by Peter Hammill
  • shooters So you better stay calm with the shooters Ugh, and here come the looters – The Looters by Ice Cube
  • hoes
  • shores Before the last sea and the hapless stars; Whatever mourns when many leave these shores; – Insensibility by Wilfred Owen
  • shops No movie theaters, no ice cream shops. Lotta rocks, lotta rocks. – Lotta Rocks by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • shoves
  • shoots I've been sittin' starin', starin' at 'is muddy pair of boots, And tryin' to convince meself it's 'im. (Look out there, lad! That sniper -- 'e's a dysey when 'e shoots; 'E'll be layin' of you out the same as Jim.) – My Mate by Robert W. Service
  • SHES
  • shoos
  • shooed
  • shoppes
  • sheers
  • shies
  • she's
  • disrelations
  • in-tern

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