What is the correct spelling for SHUKS?

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Correct spellings for SHUKS

  • schuss
  • shake Standing by God's river, my soul is beginnin' to shake I'm countin' on you love, to give me a break – SUMMER DAYS by Bob Dylan
  • shakers She had on a nice clean gingham gown, a handkerchief crossed on her neck, in the fashion of the Shakers , and a plain cap, as white as the driven snow, covered her silver locks.
  • shaky I mean the vibes between us nowadays are quite shaky And lately, I ain't been feelin you baby – (I Don't Love You) No More by craig david
  • shoes I wonder how you would react if you was in my shoes I put in work and did the dirt, that's how I payed my dues – Claimin' True by outkast
  • shuck
  • shucks Oowee, this feelin's killin' me, ah, shucks I wouldn't stop for a million bucks – Don't Let Go by Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Shaka Now there is a very famous Turkish shaka called Kasredin, one of those old half-comic miracle plays with an allegorical meaning which they call orta oyun, and which take a week to read.
  • Shays But the Shays rebellion had served as a useful object-lesson.
  • Sharks
  • checks Th' happy father is seen seated at a table, dictattin' millyion-dollar checks to a stinographer.
  • shirks Him there who shirks my gaze, and looks on the ground in shame and fear?
  • shuns After all, the verdict of mankind awards the highest distinction, not to prudent mediocrity that shuns the chance of failure and leaves no lasting mark behind, but to the eager soul that grandly dares, mightily achieves, and holds the hearts of millions even amidst his ruin and theirs.
  • chokes The fuel in several ran low, but after a few moments of punching levers and pulling chokes , the under rockets thundered in the big room.
  • hugs Full-grown men, it is true, will walk about together, hand in hand, with boyish kindliness, or meet with hugs and embraces; but their love, though specious, is hardly real.
  • shows Far as the evidence shows , they might have been wild all their lives."
  • shocks Three more shocks followed.
  • shakes "Serves you right," says I, as we shakes hands.
  • shrugs McCrea shrugs his shoulder.
  • chunks Then chunks of silence from Martha, which ain't usual.
  • shuts He moved on down the Rhine to where a gigantic mountain shuts the rushing current into a narrow space.
  • shouts The streets opened and shut, shouts came up to them and fell away.
  • shanks But, Meagre Shanks , where'd you leave 'em?
  • chucks I recall the hired man who worked for us during my time, and every dog my father had, and my adventures with them, hunting wood-chucks and coons.
  • SUCKS What the Epeira sucks is not a corpse, but a numbed body.
  • SHES
  • chicks We need a field worker to travel about the country and pick up all the hereditary statistics she can about our chicks .
  • shoos
  • shahs
  • sheiks
  • chocks She stood on chocks upon the top of the main hatch, and, under ordinary circumstances, was hoisted out by means of yard tackles on the fore and main-yard-arms.
  • shies
  • cheeks Grace's cheeks were rosy red.
  • she's I know what I can do to make sure she's in.
  • impalements
  • impartances
  • impartations
  • imprisonings
  • improperlied
  • improperlies
  • improperlying
  • infracts

16 words made from the letters SHUKS

  • 3 letter words made from SHUKS:

    hus, ksh, sus.
  • 4 letter words made from SHUKS:

    husk, huss, kush, kuss, shuk, skuh, skus, suhk, sukh, suks, sush.
  • 5 letter words made from SHUKS:

    husks, sukhs.