What is the correct spelling for SHURKE?

If you've mistakenly typed "Shurke" and looking for suggestions, fear not, as we are here to help! The correct spelling for the word you may have intended could be "Shirk" which means to avoid or neglect duties. Double-check spelling when writing and keep learning to improve language skills!

Correct spellings for SHURKE

  • Burke Burke was one of the most influential philosophers of his time.
  • Rourke Rourke was an exceptional soldier, admired by his comrades for his fearlessness and leadership skills.
  • shake I love to shake my body and dance to my favorite music.
  • share I like to share my knowledge with others.
  • shark
  • sharked
  • sharks The fear of sharks kept me out of the ocean.
  • Sharpe "Sharpe is known for her sharp wit and clever wordplay," said the author introducing the character.
  • Sheree Sheree is my neighbor who always throws the best backyard BBQ parties.
  • shire I live in a small shire in the English countryside.
  • shirk I can't shirk my responsibilities as a teacher, even if it means working overtime.
  • shirked He shirked his responsibilities and refused to complete the task.
  • shirker The boss was upset with the shirker who never completed his tasks on time.
  • shirks He shirks his responsibilities and always finds excuses to avoid work.
  • shore I love walking on the shore early in the morning before the crowds arrive.
  • shrike The shrike is sometimes called the butcher bird because it impales its prey on thorns.
  • shuck
  • shucked
  • shucks "Shucks, I lost my phone again!" said John, as he searched through his pockets.
  • source My primary source for information on the topic is the library.
  • spurge I accidentally brushed against the spurge while weeding the garden and now my skin is irritated.
  • sure "I'm not sure if I can make it to the party, but I'll try my best," said Sarah.
  • surge There was a sudden surge of excitement in the crowd when the band came on stage.