What is the correct spelling for SID?

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Correct spellings for SID

  • aid Thus Haarlem was at once cut off from all aid coming from the Zuider Zee. Ere yet we draw the blade, Jehovah of the Thunders, Lord God of Battles, aid! High lust and froward bearing, – Hymn Before Action by Rudyard Kipling
  • bid Nick looked chopfallen when he heard this large increase on his original bid , and hesitated to continue, but finally mustered up courage to say, in a rather feeble tone: "Five and a quarter."
  • i'd "Well, I'd like to keep you; but I don't know how it will be.
  • kid Well, kid , what's annoyin' you?"
  • lid Put on lid and let boil for an hour or more.
  • mid One of the leaders swung right out in mid -air with flying legs, and mules and diligencia rolled over and over down the steep in a cloud of dust and stones.
  • rid But that didn't help him to get rid of it.
  • sad "Oh, it is so sad a one!
  • said "What gentlefolk they are," my stranger said .
  • sd BCSmallarms = Ballistic coefficient SD = Sectional density i = Coefficient of form (form factor )
  • si 9, 63, 'Tu quoque, si falsum est temerati crimen amici, sanguinis atque animae prodige, Galle, tuae.
  • sic And sic a Lord!
  • side When they came to the first buildings of the straggling town she waved her hand gaily, swung off into a side street, and he rode on to overtake Alan and Helen.
  • sids Research indicates that co-sleeping, particularly bed sharing should be avoided as it increases the risk of SIDS.
  • sin Here we want to deal not with the patients, but only with the sin ners who sin against logic, while their minds are undiseased.
  • sip And on opening one's eyes again, one hears old family retainers murmuring in soft retentive accents: "Here, sip some of this, my lord; 'twill bring the roses back to those cheeks and the strength to those poor limbs."
  • sir "Why you are very sharp, sir ," he said.
  • sis "Why, see here, sis ," says he, "you've put this three weeks off!"
  • sit He was shocked to think his white and golden one, his little image of living ivory and living gold, must needs on a day like this be swathed about in such fumes, must sit in them and breathe them, and that his communings with her were going to be conducted through a heavy curtain of what seemed to be different varieties of cabbage and all of them malignant.
  • six He put out his arms to take her into them quite as he could have picked up a little maid of six , something stirring in the depths of him which in man is twin to the maternal instinct in woman.
  • skid As time goes on and he becomes accustomed to the skid and rattle of hard snow, he will find that his horror turns into pleasure because he can trust it. The Nursery slopes become hard after two or three days and will provide useful experience for coping with such snow on a run.
  • sod Owing to the fact that the land was covered by a heavy sod which needed considerable working, no crops were raised the first year, and only fair crops the second.
  • Cid That 's just what the Cid would have done.
  • Did Martin, who chanced to be pressed for money, although she did not know it, was thunderstruck upon discovering that she had actually disposed of fifty dollars so lightly.
  • Hid Eagle eyes, quick to discern and unfaltering to pursue; jaw square and intrepid; mouth formed to keep secrets and cajole men to his will-a face that hid much and revealed little.
  • Slid Reggie Byng slid softly from the room.
  • Yid
  • Sid Well, a corpse is a natural thing; but this was the dreadfullest sight I ever sid.
  • STD
  • SDI Burke hired the President of SDI , Michael A.
  • ID Spongilla lacustris subspecies reticulata, id.

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