What is the correct spelling for SIGLES?

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Correct spellings for SIGLES

  • sales Let's go over to the Secesh property sales ."
  • silks "Speaking of Japan," remarked Judge Barton, "have those silks which you promised to get for me come yet?"
  • sills They climbed a very steep staircase, through whose uncurtained windows the moonlight fell, illuminating the banisters with their twisted pillars, and the piles of plates set on the window-sills, and jars half-full of milk.
  • singles The presence of a soiled rag around a finger gives to a boy's hand a touch of distinctiveness-singles it out from ordinary unmaimed hands.
  • sinless Let these, who think themselves so sinless , cast the first stone at Susan Bennett.
  • Sigmas The latter, seeing the Sigmas on the shields and taking them to be "Sicyonians," had not the slightest fear.
  • Similes It is not well as a rule to trust to similes, but this simile is useful because it helps us to realize how fluid and changeable are the conditions of man's life, and how incessant and urgent the problems with which he finds himself confronted.
  • Giles As we have intimated, there is no St. Giles , Five Points, or North Street in St. Petersburg.
  • Silas Silas has done nothing the last half-hour but call his name.
  • Stiles There is such a pretty walk across the fields to Everdeen Wood, if Mrs. Blake does not mind a few stiles.
  • Styles A woman should avoid all pretensions to excessive styles.
  • Eagles They were swifter than eagles, stronger than lions.
  • Scales Adulthood needs to learn no lesson more than that childhood lives a life of its own, that that life should not be tested by the scales and tape lines of adulthood, and that within its range of action its choice should be respected, and its opinions treated with reverent consideration.
  • Skulls This story may, perhaps, have some foundation; for, in the church-yard was discovered a single grave, containing no fewer than fifty skulls, most of which bore the marks of having been cleft by violence.
  • skills If there were only some way to get back the Jason memories, skills , without losing himself ...
  • smiles When Antonio found himself alone in the laboratory, his mind would be haunted by one of these looks, or smiles , which he had received in passing.
  • silos Two silos of such small diameter would not only be costly, but difficult to make stand, unless built of concrete.
  • sages "For sages and warriors, it blows the trumpet of glory.
  • cycles Credit cycles will go on until the public learn to look out for them, and act accordingly.
  • sculls His sculls lay ready.
  • sables In the extremity of his sorrow he had commanded a general Court mourning, and himself set the example by assuming a black dress for the first week; but as his regret became moderated, he exchanged his sables for a suit of violet, in which costume he received a deputation from the Parliament of Paris which was sent to condole with him upon the bereavement that he had undergone!
  • circles When I reached the spot all I found was two circles of ashes.
  • sickles The reapers were in groups and lines in the greenish corn, the men bronze and bare to the waistcloths, the women in many-coloured draperies, Ruths and reapers and Boazes by the dozen, with the women's bangles gleaming, and the men's sickles glittering in the cheerful sunlight.
  • ogles Do you not see how she ogles him?"
  • suckles Luck begets luck, and failure suckles a failure.
  • sizzles Arrange on a platter, dot with butter, put in the oven, and when the butter sizzles , serve.
  • jiggles "Well, Marie" said Jiggles after the town election "for whom did you vote this morning?"
  • signers When the day arrived for final action he put his name to that bold instrument that he knew must prove the Chart of Liberty or the death warrant of the signers .
  • bugles In this state affairs continued till four o'clock in the afternoon, when the General suddenly made his appearance in the camp, the bugles sounded, and the regiments formed in order for marching.
  • sieges 1. The sieges , during the middle ages, frequently afforded opportunity for single combat, of which the scene was usually the draw-bridge, or barriers, of the town.
  • wiggles The minute I come down to hard-pan she wiggles away like a scared tadpole in shallow water.
  • giggles "Much as I am now, Miss," replied Mr. Wilks, setting down his glass and regarding Ann's giggles with a cold eye.
  • stoles Stoles and in a religious habit, whereof I am not forbidden to speake, considering that many persons saw me at that time: there I was commanded to stand upon a seate of wood, which stood in the middle of the temple, before the figure and remembrance of the goddesse; my vestiment was of fine linnen, covered and embroidered with flowers.
  • segues
  • sidles The town is unprogressive enough, and the vast barge traffic of the Oise sidles by, not a mile away, as if it were all unconscious of the existence of any signs of modern civilization.
  • stales
  • sixes Believe me not, I'm wicked like three sixes I'm doper than the Pete Rock remixes – Throw Your Hands In The Air by cypress hill
  • affectable
  • apprehensivenesses
  • apriorities
  • apurpose
  • de-selecting
  • fore-speak
  • foreignnesses
  • gastronomers
  • herculeses
  • herdings
  • innercity
  • inscrutablenesses
  • inthings
  • subsidary

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