What is the correct spelling for SIKE?

If you find yourself misspelling "sike" frequently, here are some possible correct suggestions. Firstly, try "psych", which is the correct spelling of the slang term that means to trick or deceive someone. Alternatively, you can use "just kidding" or "JK" to convey the same meaning.

Correct spellings for SIKE

  • bike I need to get my bike tuned up before the big race this weekend.
  • hike She decided to go on a hike in the mountains to clear her mind.
  • ike Ike was a nickname that originated from his birth name, Dwight.
  • like She ran out the door like a cheetah chasing after its prey.
  • mike Mike was nervous to give his presentation in front of the large audience.
  • nike
  • pike I caught a massive pike while fishing in the lake this morning.
  • sake I don't want to drink alcohol for the sake of my health.
  • side She sat on the side of the bed and wondered what to do next.
  • sikh The Sikh community is known for their generosity and hospitality towards visitors.
  • sine The sine of 30 degrees is half.
  • sire The king addressed his people, "My beloved subjects, I, your sire, shall do everything in my power to ensure your safety and prosperity."
  • site I found the perfect site to set up my tent for camping.
  • size The size of the box was too small to fit all of my books.
  • spike