What is the correct spelling for SIKED?

For those who accidentally type "siked" instead of "psyched", there are some suggestions to avoid future misspellings. One option is to use "excited" or "thrilled" instead. Another is to remember the correct spelling by associating it with the word "psychology".

Correct spellings for SIKED

  • Asked I asked him if he wanted to join me for coffee.
  • Diked I diked the new pond this morning.
  • Hiked Last weekend, I hiked the steep trail to the top of the mountain and saw a breathtaking view from the summit.
  • liked I liked the new book that I purchased.
  • Piked I piked a foul ball off the bat of my opponent.
  • Risked I risked it all and won the prize.
  • sacked After repeatedly arriving late to work, John was sacked from his job as a receptionist.
  • sickbed After a month of staying on his sickbed, John's health returned and he was able to continue with his daily routines.
  • Sid My friend Sid always keeps a smile on his face.
  • side In soccer, the side is the area of the field along which the team is opposed in play.
  • Sided She sided with her friend during the disagreement.
  • Sighed I sighed as I entered the room.
  • Sired The prized stallion sired many championship horses.
  • Sited The new shopping center is Sited near the old one.
  • sized I'm not going to be sized for this.
  • skid The car started to skid on the ice-covered road.
  • Skied I skied late into the night.
  • skived The student skived off from school to go to the beach with friends.
  • slicked The model's hair was slicked back for the photoshoot.
  • Smirked She smirked as she walked by him.
  • Snicked I snapped when she snicked me with her tongue.
  • soaked I'm soaked through to my skin.
  • spiked The drink was spiked with some sort of alcohol.
  • Sucked I was really thirsty and I thought that the water in the hose looked refreshing, but it turned out to be sucked.