What is the correct spelling for SIKENUS?

If you happen to come across the misspelling "sikenus", there are a few possible correct suggestions. First, "silkenus" might be what was intended, referring to something silky or smooth. Another option could be "silenus", referring to a satyr in Greek mythology. Lastly, "sinensis" could have been meant, pertaining to plants native to China.

Correct spellings for SIKENUS

  • likens The author likens the experience of losing a loved one to sailing in rough waters.
  • sickens The thought of never seeing her family again sickens her.
  • silents In the early era of films, before the invention of sound technology, silents were the only type of movies made.
  • SINUS I have a sinus infection that is causing my head to feel congested.
  • sinus I have a terrible sinus infection and need to see a doctor.
  • sirens The sound of sirens filled the air as the emergency vehicles rushed by.