What is the correct spelling for SILLI?

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Correct spellings for SILLI

  • ill He looked so ill , she said.
  • sail But I tell thee there is no hope of setting sail without the English madam unless thou remainest here while I secretly slip away.
  • sally Conal's dog, Sally , alert at the first rush of the cattle's movement, leapt after them.
  • sell The butcher replied, "No matter from whence I come, master, nor where I dwell; you may see that I am a butcher, and am going to Nottingham to sell my meat."
  • shill The shill growled but tucked his knife away.
  • silk Do you remember the white silk train which Mr. Armstrong saw slipping from this room?
  • sill He leant against the window-sill, looking over the city as she had looked.
  • sills Men were less numerous but such as there were leant against the walls, smoking, or sat on the sills of the ground-floor windows.
  • silly I knew it was useless and silly for me to ask-but I want so much to have you to myself for one hour!
  • silo The silo , which is the Gurler type, was then started and carried up with the barn.
  • silt This is common experience, and for that reason alone a general policy of clean weeding is thoroughly sound; especially if combined with some system of silt -retention.
  • silvia People began to talk, of course-I was Vincent Rendle's Mrs. Anerton; when the Sonnets to Silvia appeared, it was whispered that I was Silvia .
  • skill The black boy did this with extraordinary skill .
  • sly She saw Mignon's and Ellen's heads close together as they sprang; then she saw Mignon give a sly , vicious side lunge which threw Ellen almost off her feet.
  • soil He took everything out of the soil that it was possible to take out.
  • sol Hello, Sol Uncas Mohicans!
  • spill Spill what you've got to say!
  • still I'll be very still .
  • sulla Sulla took the city soon afterwards, and carried the books to Rome, and here more damage was done by the careless editing of Tyrannion, who made a trade of copying 'Aristotle's books' for the libraries that were rising on all sides at Rome.
  • sully "How, sir," screamed he, "can ye dare to sully the name o' that innocent creature, by makin't run the gauntlet o' thae treacherous lips!
  • swill He has small, shiny eyes, he speaks atrocious English, he is as devoid of culture as a hairy Ainu, and he smells money and goes after it like a hog into a swill -trough.
  • Cilia The passage is lined with a soft, moist "skin," called mucous membrane, very much like that which lines the stomach and bowels, except that it is covered with tiny little microscopic hairs, called cilia, and that its glands pour out a thin, sticky mucus, instead of a digestive juice.
  • Sal This was the afternoon on which she had fallen in with Singing Sal .
  • Villi One important respect in which the small intestine differs from all other portions of the food canal is that its surface is covered with great numbers of minute elevations known as the villi.
  • Sallie And who is Sallie ?
  • sillier Compare it, as a travel book, for substance and style, with A Week on the Concord; though that is a silly thing to ask, if no sillier than literary criticism usually is.
  • crosseyed
  • fore-speak
  • foreignnesses

7 words made from the letters SILLI

  • 3 letter words made from SILLI:

    ill, lii.
  • 4 letter words made from SILLI:

    illi, ills, sill.
  • 5 letter words made from SILLI:

    illis, lilis.