What is the correct spelling for SIPING?

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Correct spellings for SIPING

  • ping I slashed with my hand at him, he flew into the air, sneering, then with a little "ping" settled on the back of my neck.
  • piping You'll suit yourself, of course, but it might interest you to know that another man is stealing your thunder while you're dancing to the piping of a skirt.
  • sapling They couldn't cut down a sapling , because the sharp stone, the only tool they had, would fly out of their hands.
  • seeping She sat with her eyes closed, tears seeping through them, and her fist beating softly into her palm.
  • shipping It is quite true that when I have paid off men before the shipping master, who had accounts to settle, I have told them to go down to the office and I would follow.
  • siding Every row of siding boards running around the building serves also as a brace, and the same is true of the roof boards and the arched rafters.
  • sing Oh, yes, I'll sing something for them."
  • sizing For a moment they stood sizing up each other.
  • skiing And just as it surprised people to find that Miss Train was a hardy horsewoman, and could tire most men at skiing or swimming, so every one wanted to laugh when they were told that this lumbering giant, Longman, was an Instructor of Assyriology at Columbia.
  • slipping That decided her, and slipping into her own room, she put on an old blanket coat, and went out quietly.
  • sloping In modern gardens a concrete bottom two or three inches thick, sloping towards a drain in front, is sometimes made.
  • snipping Then she went on snipping at the choice plants she kept in the house, even in summer, and Pat, proudly wearing his rose, hurried off.
  • sopping Meg's "nasty hat" was rakishly askew upon her red curls, for Fay had frequently grabbed at it in her rage, and the beautiful green linen gown was sopping wet.
  • spain "Yes, I know Spain , but only as a spring visitor," was my reply.
  • span For Gerard, having covered about half the distance towards the outlying span of oxen had now suddenly turned and was riding back at full gallop towards the line of bush.
  • spin How will Spin Head reveal his secret?"
  • spine Extraordinary sensation running up and down my spine .
  • spiny There was also a room over this from which you could get outside and regulate the small spiny -looking wheel at the top so as to gain all the force of the wind.
  • spring One moment more one spring and it would be all over with Nell.
  • spying Perhaps he was afraid of the inner man a stranger might get glimpse of, afraid to let any one else see in his eyes the secrets of that sly, spying soul of his.
  • supine Do not then be lukewarm or supine .
  • supping Herr Dremmel, who again was supping , said nothing, preferring to wait.
  • Lisping When you lay here of old, a lisping babe, I told you of One whose love was better than a mother's.
  • Sapping Constant sapping has carried the fortress, and the lady has consented."
  • Sipping "Lord Ashfrith, your father's oldest brother, and next in line to the old Earl, was seated in the gun-room of the castle, sipping a brandy and soda, and carving a peach-stone.
  • Siring
  • Skipping Often when he had come to fetch us from the conservatory and you were skipping before us after your dog, and overtaking it, would catch it up in your arms, and kiss it, he would turn to me with jealous wrath, and say: 'Now, can you understand.
  • Wiping Wiping the perspiration from his brow, he lit another candle.
  • Sniping They pushed on, picking up a few prisoners here and there who were sniping from shell-holes and serving solitary machine-guns.
  • Soaping He had buried his wife, he said: she feared, seeing his posture of the soaping of hands at one shoulder, that he was about to bewail it; and he did wish to talk of it, to show his modest companionship with her in loss, and how a consolation for our sorrows may be obtained: but he won her approval, by taking the acceptable course between the dues to the subject and those to his hearer, as a model cab should drive considerate equally of horse and fare.
  • Spicing She was in the verandah, spicing her betel leaves, Thako at her side.
  • Spiking Presently Mike went bowlegging to camp to start their dinner, and Murphy finished spiking the windlass to the platform on which it rested.
  • Spiting The man seemed disposed to insist on the stout paper being produced; but the woman, as if she was glad of an opportunity of spiting him, snatched the candles away, and tied them up in a moment in the torn old cravat.
  • Spun They would be to sell the worsted once they had spun it, but they can turn it to more account by knitting.
  • Suing One man was talking of suing the company.
  • Swiping That gardener deserves to be cashiered for not getting a move on him in time to catch that man, even if he did think he'd only been swiping flowers.
  • zipping He could almost hear the angry zipping of high explosive shrapnel close over his head.
  • spins Though there are but two 30's in the circumference, each who spins fondly hopes to gain one, and thus the same spirit which supports Monte Carlo in splendor gives these boys a thriving trade.
  • siting
  • scoping

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