What is the correct spelling for SIRINS?

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Correct spellings for SIRINS

  • absurdnesses
  • airings
  • am ambitious
  • am apathetic
  • am appreciative
  • am thick with
  • am to
  • am to one's ears in
  • am told
  • being plausible
  • being wasteful with
  • coldshoulderings
  • come to point
  • de biting
  • de ploying
  • defies danger
  • densen
  • didst well
  • firings
  • front-page
  • grins On beholding a stranger the young gentlemen suddenly lost their voices, found their manners, and with nods and grins took themselves away as quietly as could be expected of six clumping boots and an unlimited quantity of animal spirits in a high state of effervescence.
  • hostelling
  • ice out
  • in-fringe
  • innermore
  • irons Climbing-irons used to be sometimes employed for the purpose.
  • more worshiping
  • saris Captain Saris, writing from Japan in 1613, records a pathetic incident which is very suggestive.
  • series Probably had I an equally large series of the eggs of the present species, we should find that as regards size there was no perceptible difference between the two.
  • set house together
  • set of three
  • shrines The old battered lamp which hangs in front of these shrines is still kept lighted by some faithful hand, and in spring-time the children will often come and lay little bunches of wild-flowers on the ledge below.
  • sidings
  • signs Within ten minutes of leaving the town he discovered the first signs.
  • sins Only grow old and gray; and then shall thy body bear its scars and thy soul its sins back to the old wife.
  • siren So far from this being the case, however, not more than six men and half as many women, one with two sleepy, whimpering children, obeyed the siren call.
  • sirens "With thy dear face it is not so, Which, if once overcast, If thou rain down thy showers of woe, They, like the sirens, blast.
  • sires Soon Romulus attack'd them, and Rome's soil Was strew'd with Sabine bodies and her own: And impious weapons mingled blood of sires With blood of sons-in-law; yet so it pleas'd, War settled into peace, nor rag'd the steel To ultimate destruction; in the realm Tatius as equal sovereign was receiv'd.
  • Siring
  • sirius One planet belonging to Sirius has been discovered.
  • sirloins Rounds, ribs, and sirloins, he deplored.
  • skins Clean white sheets had been draped over the skins of the couch.
  • spins Dream of your mother, her watch gladly keeping, Smiling while the world spins round.
  • Sprains While every one, with the exception of those in disgrace, of those who were ill, and those who were suffering from sprains, were being driven towards Saint-Germain, Malicorne smuggled his workman into the palace in one of M. de Saint-Aignan's carriages, and led him into the room corresponding to La Valliere's.
  • springs At Corvallis, throughout the summer months and till late in the fall, a daily sea-breeze springs up from the west about one o'clock in the afternoon, and continues till night closes in, and then dies off gradually.
  • Strains As I passed the Louvre I saw that the windows were bright with lights, and heard the strains of music from within.
  • strings "Also," she went on, throwing back her cloak, while she examined and tightened the strings, "I will confess that your guest is hungry."
  • Syrians
  • Syringes They armed themselves with two large-sized syringes used for showering potato bugs.
  • un-clad