What is the correct spelling for SITIS?

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Correct spellings for SITIS

  • seats The people went in and took their seats , while we remained standing just by the door.
  • sids Some weare slaine of both sids .
  • sis I can't explain now, Sis , how it came about.
  • sit Why don't you sit down?
  • site I fancy the site of our camp was the spot known afterwards as "St. Augustines," where a mine was subsequently opened.
  • stairs He was halfway up the stairs and he turned and came back to her.
  • stays Let the rain rain, or the sun shine, the pen never stays work.
  • stir Don't ye stir a hair.
  • Cities Got back from several cities; and it looks As if the things we've seen would fill ten books!
  • Its However, I think that would be about its value.
  • Sties In common, however, with all other free and domesticated animals, there is a prolongation of muzzle in the wild species, which is not to be found in those of our sties.
  • SITS He just sits around till it's his move, and then he'll try and get things back.
  • stars The moon and stars appeared at noon.
  • slits The lids of the detective narrowed to slits .
  • stows None can tell even where he stows away his pocket-handkerchief, or haply his purse.
  • cites Mary herself mentions a pamphlet, which she cites as The Life of Miss Mary Blandy, and attributes to "a French usher."
  • sets Three sets were played in profound silence, or, rather, the girl made a spectacle out of Garrison.
  • suits It suits the English character better, and the only wonder is why it is still, after more than sixteen years' successful experience, confined exclusively to a single locality.
  • stirs The sheltering thorn-thicket stirs , and a long, deep, moaning roar rises from the fir-trees.
  • sifts Somehow information sifts even inside a prison in war times, and I have learned that General Alexis gave up trying to hold Grovno.
  • sorts They'll have all their old friends to play with, and of course they'll make new ones, and of course their friends will be of all sorts ; their road takes them there.
  • stews 9. Short ribs, stews or cheap roasts.
  • sates The eye can devour a succession of landscapes at such a time; there is nothing that sates or entirely fills it, but every spring token stimulates it, and makes it more on the alert.
  • sites He wanted to talk "sites," and spent half an hour doing so.
  • suites This boy noticed him particularly because he scanned the hotel register before writing his own name, and insisted upon having one of two special suites ; number seventy-two or seventy-six.
  • suitors This was attended to whenever it arose, in term-time and out of term-time, in order to meet the convenience of suitors .
  • spits I try it on with the Brisk Rabbi's son-in-law-and I know very well that his soul is bound up with her soul, that he has never hid from himself that domestic happiness shone out of every corner, out of every word and deed-but he is the Brisk Rabbi's son-in-law, he spits , goes away, and leaves me standing with my mouth open.
  • skits Twenty skits , presenting people with their foibles.
  • smites And he smites , left and right, up and down, hip and thigh, with his strange weapon.
  • sights "Ted thought Mr. Ebling would like to see the sights ," Knowlton spoke in my defence.
  • sides He stood, scarcely breathing, arms at his sides , motionless.
  • spites I lay with my body and my mind in pain thinking these people over, thinking myself over too with the rest of my associates, thinking drearily and weakly, recalling spites , dishonesties and vanities, feuds and absurdities, until I was near persuaded that all my dreams of wider human understandings, of great ends beyond the immediate aims and passions of common everyday lives, could be at best no more than the refuge of shy and weak and ineffective people from the failure of their personal lives....
  • SIRS That team was worth two thousand dollars, sirs, and was matched to an inch, and a shade of color.
  • SILTS All deposits made on the land, such as the flood plains of rivers, the silts of lake beds, dune sands, and sheets of glacial drift, mark but pauses in the process which is to bring all the materials of the land now above sea level to rest upon the ocean bed.
  • SOTS I've got more important dooties jest now on my hands than cookin' chuck for sots.
  • SETTS With vs more Eastward, surely you deuise, By your strong Magicke, that the Sunne shall rise 70 Where now it setts, and that in some few yeares You'l alter quite the Motion of the Spheares.
  • sitars
  • sorties The French garrison of Leith made successful sorties ; and despite the valour of Arran and Lord James and the counsel of Lethington, the godly fled from Edinburgh on November 5, under taunts and stones cast by the people of the town.
  • sitters Some sitters were promised to me, and I had hope, subsequently justified, that they would be the precursors of others.
  • it's But it's done now.
  • acceptabilities
  • acceptings
  • dissuadable
  • adjy
  • allineating
  • allknowing
  • asexualizes
  • girl-friday

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    sis, sit, tss.
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