What is the correct spelling for SKAKY?

If you are trying to type "skaky" and are getting frustrated with the red squiggly line, fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions: "shaky", "snaky" or "sneaky". Double-check the context and choose the appropriate word for a smooth, error-free sentence.

Correct spellings for SKAKY

  • Quaky There was a quaky sound coming from the room.
  • sake Sake is a type of Sake wine.
  • saki
  • scaly The scaly roughness of her skin was caused by a skin disease.
  • scary My sister's scary laugh is enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
  • shaky I felt shaky on my feet after running my first marathon.
  • silky The luxurious fabric was so silky that it felt like a second skin.
  • SKA I heard the Funk band playing Ska tonight.
  • skate
  • sky The sky turned a beautiful shade of pink and orange as the sun began to set.
  • slake After a long hike, I was finally able to slake my thirst with a refreshing bottle of water.
  • smoky All the smoke from the burning chimney made the room smell smoky.
  • snake I don't want to get close to that snake.
  • snaky The snaky road led them to their destination.
  • sneaky I always feel a little sneaky when I'm with him.
  • soak I can soak the rag in the cleaner and wipe down the counters.
  • soaks She soaks her clothes in the washing machine.
  • Spake "And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 'Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel...'" (Numbers 6:22-
  • Sparky The dog's name is Sparky.
  • spiky The cactus had thick, spiky needles that made it difficult to touch.
  • stagy I'm noticing a lot of stagy behavior lately
  • stake I stake my claim to this rock.
  • sulky She was in a sulky mood after being told she couldn't go to the party.
  • SWAK The sound of a snake slithering through the grass is known as SWAK.

12 words made from the letters SKAKY

  • 3 letter words made from SKAKY:

    ask, say, sky, yak.
  • 4 letter words made from SKAKY:

    kaks, kask, kyak, skay, syak, yaks.
  • 5 letter words made from SKAKY:

    kasky, kyaks.