What is the correct spelling for SKIIER?

If you mistakenly spell "skiier" as such, the correct spelling is actually "skier". Avoid doubling the 'i' as adding an extra 'i' is unnecessary. To ensure the accurate spelling, remember that "skier" is the correct term to refer to a person engaging in the thrilling winter sport of skiing.

Correct spellings for SKIIER

  • sexier I think she's sexier than my ex.
  • Sizer The Safco Sizer 14 ft. is the perfect piece of equipment for any small business.
  • skater The skater performed a triple axel jump with grace and precision.
  • skewer
  • Skied We skied to the top of the mountain.
  • skier Amy is a skier.
  • skiers The ski resort is a popular destination for skiers.
  • Skies The skies are a beautiful blue.
  • skiing My mom taught me how to skiing when I was young.
  • skimmer The waiter caught the skimmer that was floating in the soup bowl.
  • skinner I know a Skinner who can talk to birds.
  • skinnier I don't think I can fit in these pants anymore, I need something skinnier.
  • skipper The skipper of the boat navigated us through the treacherous waters.
  • skitter
  • skive I'm going to skive off work for a bit and go shopping.
  • Skiver He was known to skiver off work and spend his days lounging around the house instead.
  • spikier She had to make a spikier route to avoid the potholes.

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