What is the correct spelling for SKIIERS?

The correct spelling for "skiiers" is "skiers". To avoid confusion, it's important to double-check the spelling before writing. Remember, "skiers" is the appropriate term to refer to those who participate in the sport of skiing, ensuring accurate communication in written content.

Correct spellings for SKIIERS

  • skaters The skaters twirled gracefully on the ice rink.
  • skewers We grilled some delicious chicken skewers for dinner last night.
  • skier The skier raced down the steep slope, feeling the wind rush past them as they carved through the snow.
  • skiers The group of skiers headed down the mountain.
  • Skies The skies were clear and bright this morning, giving a sense of hope and optimism for the day ahead.
  • skimmers In order to reduce the amount of waste that is produced, many businesses are switching to skimmers
  • skippers Peter sent the skippers ashore for the night.
  • skitters The mouse skitters across the room in search of cheese.
  • Skiver I suspect he'll skiver off after lunch.
  • skivers The skivers were in high spirits after their win.

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