What is the correct spelling for SKIIES?

If you often misspell "skiies", don't fret! The correct spelling for the plural of "ski" is simply "skis". Drop the extra "i" and embrace the simplicity. By using the correct term, you'll avoid confusion and ensure your writing looks polished. Happy skiing!

Correct spellings for SKIIES

  • sixes She picked up the sixes and started to pack her suitcase.
  • skids I scraped my leg on the skids of the chair.
  • skier The skier expertly navigated down the steep slope, carving his way through the fresh powder.
  • skiers Snowboarders are not generally considered skiers.
  • Skies The bird soared high in the clear blue skies.
  • skims She skims the chapter before class to make sure she understands the main points.
  • skins Oil skINS after washing.
  • skips The child skips happily down the street, holding onto her mother's hand.
  • skis My sister lent me some skis for the winter.
  • skits The high school drama club performed hilarious skits during their variety show.
  • skivers Some people think that skivers are lazy, but they might just be dealing with personal problems.

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