What is the correct spelling for SKIILED?

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Correct spellings for SKIILED

  • scaled Soon he cooked, and when he had finished to cook he scaled the fish, and when he had finished scaling he cut it into many pieces, and he made a noise on the bamboo floor when he cut the fish.
  • skid How well he remembered their first trip, when, seated astride his father's shoulders with his sturdy little legs around Cardigan's neck and his chubby little hands clasping the old man's ears, they had gone up the abandoned skid-road and into the semi-darkness of the forest, terminating suddenly in a shower of sunshine that fell in an open space where a boy could roll and play and never get dirty.
  • skill Both show remarkable skill.
  • skilled But here it acts as a medicine rather than as a true food and, like all other medicines, should be used only under skilled medical advice and control.
  • skillet Then take two quarts of good Ale-yest, and strain it into half the flower, and some new milk boiled, and almost cold again; make it into a very light paste, and set it before the fire to rise; Then take five pound of Butter, and melt it in a skillet, with a quarter of a pint of Rose-water; when your paste is risen, and your oven almost hot, which will be by this time, take your paste from the fire, and break it into small pieces, and take your other part of flower, and strew it round your paste; Then take the melted Butter, and put it to the past, and by degrees work the paste and flower together, till you have mingled all very well.
  • skimmed These modern inventions, this steam, and electric telegraph, and even the printing-press have but just skimmed the surface of village life.
  • skinned The olive-skinned girl in the handsome gown came from her room and passed the others.
  • skittle The Lord love you, Master Hymn-of-Praise, and pray do you call half an hour at the skittle alley 'evil ways'?
  • sled Melissa had walked around the sled, and stood facing him, with her hands behind her.
  • soiled It was a little soiled but she did not seem to notice that.
  • soled The young master threw him a pair of children's shoes, which had to be soled.
  • spoiled Do you think a girl could be happy if she knew a good man had spoiled his life for her?
  • suckled It would seem that, contrary to the orders of the mother, she had suckled the child.
  • sullied Probably thirty gentlemen at the gaming table had been witnesses of these incidents, and if, to-morrow, it was in everybody's mouth that he, Heinz, had been caught at mid-night in an interview with the elder beautiful Ortlieb E, the fault was his, and he would be burdened with the guilt of having sullied the honour and name of a pure maiden, the betrothed bride of an estimable man.
  • Killed I do not want you to be killed."
  • Sailed Hardy's father sailed a day or two later, and after that nothing happened.
  • Sallied By this time they had got on their hats and coats and sallied forth.
  • Scowled Evelyn scowled when she saw her cousin, and a look of anger swept over her face.
  • Sculled After her sculling accident, she could barely move her right arm.
  • Sidled I sidled up to her on the bus and asked if she'd like to get a cup of coffee.
  • Skidded The two heavier mules at the pole made a terrified but intelligent attempt to check the pace, and the weighty vehicle skidded sideways across the road, shuddering and rattling as it went.
  • Skied We skiing on the slopes today.
  • Skipped I skipped lunch.
  • Skirted This was the timber which skirted some distant water course.
  • Skulked Bitterns stood by the stagnant pools and jackals skulked through the low bushes; but there was no sign of the caravan of the wise men, far or near.
  • Smiled She smiled as she walked away. She dropped her glove, to prove his love, then looked at him and smiled; He bowed, and in a moment leaped among the lions wild: – The Glove and The Lions by Leigh Hunt
  • Spilled I'm going to go get a cloth to clean up the spilled milk.
  • Stilled In His presence their rage was stilled.
  • Swilled I swilled my drink through an entire can of Soda.
  • Swirled The sun shone down on the spunky blonde who was swirling around in a dance that only she could see.
  • spieled We played games all day long.
  • skived Afterhours at the local pub, Rick and his mates skived off to the pub across the road for a few rounds of

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