What is the correct spelling for SKIILLS?

If you've misspelled "skiills", worry not! The correct spelling is "skills". This common error can be easily rectified by identifying the extraneous "i" and removing it. Remember, ensuring your spelling is accurate helps convey professionalism and clarity in communication. Keep honing those skills!

Correct spellings for SKIILLS

  • kills A sniper kills enemies from a distance.
  • sills The flowers on the window sills looked beautiful in the sunshine.
  • skill Her skill in baking gave me a delicious treat.
  • skills You need to have skills to qualify for the job.
  • Skulls The archeologist discovered a large pile of ancient skulls hidden deep within the cave.
  • spills The server accidentally spills the soup on the customer's lap.
  • stills The photographer captured stunning stills of the landscape at sunrise.
  • swills I drink too much wine; I swills it all night.

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