What is the correct spelling for SKILIS?

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Correct spellings for SKILIS

  • silks You are not to mention those silks .
  • sills I don't know the dimensions of these sills , but if one loosened and fell on one, one would never know.
  • skill Their skill is quite remarkable.
  • skis Daily her excursions into the surrounding timber grew longer, and she was never so happy as when swinging with strong, wide strides on her fat thong-strung rackets, or sliding with the speed of the wind down some steep slope of the river-bank, on her smoothly polished skis .
  • Kilos If I have worked kilos into pounds and pesos into dollars correctly, prime steers are selling on the hoof there at the market at five to six cents per pound, our money.
  • Skies It looked strangely desolate, for there was scarcely a house on it, but, at least, the sun was shining, and it was the first brightness she had seen in the land of the clear skies.
  • Silas Silas Mallinsbee shook his head.
  • Stiles No; Jared Stiles , emboldened by his success in the shopping district, had applied to Mr. English, the director of the Academy, for a room in which to make a collective exhibit of the masterpieces at present scattered through various places of public resort and entertainment.
  • Scales Jane leaned on the window sill, and listened to the scales for a little while, watching Miss Lily's slender throat swell and quiver like a bird's.
  • Skulls The skulls of their enemies they keep as trophies.
  • Soils It is found only in clay soils, on the borders of plains, which are occasionally so saturated with water as to be quite impassable; never on higher ground nor on any lower than that limited sort of locality, in the neighbourhood of rivers which at some seasons overflow.
  • skills He'd definitely picked up a few social skills over the past years.
  • skips There's going to be fur flying over these skips and jumps, and I don't want it to be our fur.
  • smiles When he smiles he seems another person."
  • silos Page 11. 6. Round and rectangular barns, including silos , compared.
  • kills He only kills them.
  • skirts She brushed her skirts aside, and the young man took the seat made vacant by her movement.
  • sculls Still the honours of winning eights, fours, pairs, or sculls at it rank, in amateur estimation, second only to Henley.
  • skiffs On the river white-sailed skiffs , chugging launches, gaudy canoes and more sober rowboats darted and drifted across the sunlit water.
  • stills Her husband had been cashier and book-keeper at one of the most popular variety theatres in Berlin, but twenty years ago he had died, leaving her pensionless in an unfeeling world where no rosy stage glamour disguises solitary tears, and no comic patter stills the pangs of hunger.
  • skits These prose skits show the neat irony that Punch was willing to encourage by attaching du Maurier to the literary, as well as to the artistic, staff.
  • skins Larry Kildene had instructed him how to cure and dry the meat and to store it and also how to care for the skins , but because of the effect of that sight of the bloody sheep's pelt on Amalia, he never showed her a poor little dead creature, or the skin of one.
  • sails How far Moufang and his associates have been influenced by this kind of consideration we cannot pretend to judge, but the sympathy they show is not so much with the socialists as with the labouring classes generally, and their movement is meant so far to take the wind from socialism, whether with the mere view of filling their own sails with it or no.
  • skims And off she is flying, when back she skims and will have me too.
  • swills 220 56 Glad, from his side I sprang, and fetch'd the draught, Which down his greedy throat he quickly swills , Then on a second errand sent me strait, To search in some dark corner for his pills.
  • SOLIS This allusion was perceived as early as by Jonathan, who thus paraphrases: "Urbs domus solis quae destruetur."
  • spills Beside these he then placed some saucers, a vase filled with liquid, and a bundle of spills , made of yellow paper, and intended for burning.
  • skiers A number of skiers have been injured by running into his barbed wire fence.
  • skids It rested on what looked like two short, thick runners like skids .
  • skulks The coward skulks by the side of the war.
  • affectable
  • de-crypts
  • herculeses
  • inter-meddles
  • un-cool
  • un-thought

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