What is the correct spelling for SKULS?

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Correct spellings for SKULS

  • schulz At these words Master Schulz began to take to flight, and in a trice jumped over a hedge, but as he just happened to jump on to the teeth of a rake which had been left lying there after the hay-making, the handle of it struck against his face and gave him a tremendous blow.
  • scull Dick put his weight on the oar and as he swung back and forth on it the captain called out: "You sure can scull , boy, but take it easy; you've got over a dozen miles of it to the Cape and near fifty more up the coast, after that."
  • sills It beat against the house; that stood up in its way; it rained straight in at the window-sills and under the doors; we ran about the house with cloths and sponges to sop it up from cushions and carpets.
  • skill The rent was raised, and we never could have paid it but for the care and the skill and the hard work of your father.
  • skis Her skis were running slowly again; she had come to the level land once more.
  • skulk But, says I again, if there be any such beings as I am fancying here, surely they don't skulk in their dens, like savage beasts, by daylight, and only patrole for prey by night; if so, I shall probably become a delicious morsel for them ere long, if they meet with me.
  • skull He could not understand, he could not know-the doubt weighed on his brain like a sheet of lead; he felt inclined to tear his skull apart to relieve the insupportable pressure.
  • Skies In truth it pleaseth me mightily, all but the dark skies.
  • Slugs And, truly, as I did think, if there did be one such place, there were like to be many; and mayhaps the slugs came forth from those caverns, where, as I did conceive there was naught save an eternal dripping of waters and the foul growth of things in all parts.
  • Sulks Next, there was the instinctive courage with which she translated her sulks into carelessness and gaiety.
  • Scales When these scales are prominent they are often of a dark color.
  • Skulls All night the liquor circled among the savages, as the spirit fired the brains in their narrow skulls the uproar became worse.
  • Soils In clay soils the ivy does not attain any large size; but where there is some admixture of loam, or sand, it flourishes; I have seen ivy whose main stem growing up the side of an oak was five inches in diameter, and had some pretensions to be called timber.
  • skills They also developed skills in carpentry, brick-making, and a score of other trades and sold their products to the community.
  • sequels Aggression and adventure have not been the sequels of the war of 1870. The vast armaments of Prussia were created in order to establish German union under the House of Hohenzollern, and they have been employed for no other object.
  • seals The seal catcher did as he was bid, and when he found himself safe on the ground, he peeped cautiously over the edge of the cliff, to see if there were any seals lying on the rocks below.
  • sculls The precaution of the dealer in contraband had provided his little boat with muffled sculls ; and Ludlow, when he was enabled to discover the fine tracery of the lofty and light spars of the Water-Witch, as they rose above the tops of the dwarf trees that lined the shore, had no reason to think his approach was known.
  • squalls The tent was practically a prison, and an uncomfortable one, for the wind was terrific and the squalls became hourly more menacing.
  • sells If he sells at eighty-five cents a bushel, that gives him a profit of $8.75 per acre on the portion of his farm in wheat.
  • souls It may very well be that among these souls there is no such thing as time.
  • squeals She always squeals like that.
  • sails We don't get the money before we leave, but we get a ticket to be paid three days after the ship sails .
  • scowls Scarcely a day passed without growls and scowls .
  • SOLS His bookseller bought his heroic verses for one hundred sols the hundred lines, and the smaller ones for fifty sols.
  • slurs "Mr. Sanderson," he said slowly, "believes absolutely in the fidelity of his wife, and he warns Mrs. McSeeney that she must answer to him for any future slurs upon her character."
  • skulks It is a crime made up of audacity and darkness; here it shows itself impudently in broad daylight; there it skulks away into the mist.
  • skews
  • horseplayed
  • horseplaying
  • johnnies-come-lately
  • mis-files

9 words made from the letters SKULS

  • 4 letter words made from SKULS:

    klus, kuss, skul, skus, suks, sulk.
  • 5 letter words made from SKULS:

  • 3 letter words made from SKULS:

    sls, sus.