What is the correct spelling for SLEAV?

If you've accidentally spelled "sleav" instead of "sleeve", here are some helpful suggestions to correct it. Pay attention to the missing "e" and try "sleeve" instead. Alternatively, use alternatives like "cuff", "arm covering" or "garment length". Always double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication.

Correct spellings for SLEAV

  • cleave He struggled to cleave the tree with his dull hatchet.
  • ELEV
  • lav
  • leaf
  • leave I think I will leave now.
  • Olav When he got home from work, Olav discovered that his dog had gone outside.
  • seal The seal on the documents ensured that they had not been tampered with.
  • slab The slab of meat was cold and hard.
  • slag The molten metal is purified by skimming off the slag.
  • slam
  • slap I had to slap myself to stay awake during the long meeting.
  • slat
  • slav
  • Slavs The Slavs are a people who speak a Slavic language.
  • slaw My aunt slaw made this amazing sesame ginger slaw.
  • slay She plans to slay her final dragon tomorrow.
  • Sleaved
  • sleaze I can't believe the amount of sleaze in this company.
  • sleazy I'm not buying that sleazy look she's giving you.
  • sled Our snowmobiling journey took us on a sled ride through the forest.
  • sleeve I don't want to wear my new sleeve, it's a little too tight.
  • slew When the dragon slew the deer, it was a mighty display of power.