What is the correct spelling for SLENDE?

If you meant to write "slender", here are some suggestions to correct the misspelled word "slende". Double-check and ensure that the spelling is "slender" for a term describing someone or something slender, slim or slight. Always aim for accuracy to convey your intended meaning effectively.

Correct spellings for SLENDE

  • blend I like to blend frozen fruits with yogurt to make a healthy smoothie.
  • blender I use my blender to make smoothies.
  • blonde The blonde woman walked down the street with her Labrador retriever.
  • Glenda Glenda is hosting a party at her house this weekend.
  • lend Could you kindly lend me your pen for a moment, please?
  • lender The lender may require a down payment of at least 20%.
  • send Could you please send me the presentation via email?
  • sender Please send my package to the sender.
  • silence I feel the weight of silence on my chest.
  • slander
  • sled She wanted to go for a sled ride before the snow started to fall.
  • Sledded The snow was so deep that the sidewalks were unusable, so we took to the sledded sidewalks.
  • sledder The sledder zoomed down the hill at breakneck speeds, the wind whipping through their hair.
  • slender The slender girl had an ethereal look about her.
  • slide I need to slide my chair under the table to get to the book on the bottom shelf.
  • spend I need to spend my money on groceries.
  • spender She's a great spender!