What is the correct spelling for SLJK?

The misspelling "sljk" can be corrected by considering various options. Perhaps the intended word was "silk", "slick" or even "sleek". It's essential to evaluate the context and intended meaning to accurately determine the correct suggestion.

Correct spellings for SLJK

  • salk Some scientists have expressed concern that the lab's new chairman, Tom Salk, could restrict scientific freedom.
  • Seljuk The Seljuk Empire was a powerful Muslim dynasty that ruled over the Middle East and much of Asia Minor in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.
  • silk The silk scarf was a gift from my father.
  • slack I need some slack in my work schedule to get ahead.
  • slag The slag from the steel mill was used to pave the road.
  • slake I should like to slake my thirst with a glass of water.
  • sleek The new car's design is sleek and aerodynamic for maximum speed.
  • slick The mechanic applied a slick of oil to the car engine to keep it running smoothly.
  • slink The cat tried to slink unnoticed through the grass.
  • slog I need to slog through this pile of paperwork before I can go home.
  • slug I found a slimy slug crawling across the leaf of a plant in my garden.
  • Slunk I'm not sure if I should call him Slunk or Sludge.
  • sulk After losing the game, he decided to sulk in his room instead of socializing with his teammates.