What is the correct spelling for SLO?

If you accidentally type "slo" instead of the intended word, there are a few possible corrections to consider. One option could be "slow", which is the correct spelling for the adjective meaning a reduced speed. Another alternative could be "slot", which refers to a narrow opening or a fitted position for an object.

Correct spellings for SLO

  • Flo Flo is my favorite character from the TV show "Alice".
  • Lo Lo and behold, the missing key was found in the back of the drawer.
  • oslo Oslo is known for its beautiful fjords and vibrant arts scene.
  • PLO The Palestine Liberation Organization, or PLO, was founded in 1964 with the purpose of creating an independent state of Palestine.
  • silo
  • slob He is such a slob, his room is always a complete mess.
  • sloe The sloe berries were too bitter to eat, but perfect for making homemade gin.
  • slog I have to slog through this 500-page novel for my literature class.
  • slop I don't feel so good. I injected myself with some slop from the dispensary.
  • slot I won $100 on the penny slot machine at the casino.
  • slow The car was driving so slow that it was holding up traffic.
  • SLR I use my SLR for photography.
  • sly She gave him a sly smile before slipping away unnoticed.
  • so She was feeling so exhausted after her long workout.
  • solo I prefer to work solo rather than in a group setting.
  • SRO The SRO responded quickly to the disturbance in the school cafeteria.