What is the correct spelling for SNAFOO?

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Correct spellings for SNAFOO

  • info I think that some of Bill of Berlin's ginks in this country have been hanging up birth control "info" in every hen house in the U.S. least ways sumpin has happened to corner the market.
  • safe It might be a little more; but, I think, I am safe to say that.
  • salvo The guns will speak again to-night, saluting by the same kind of sullen salvo the first day of the last year of war.
  • savor Again his sarcasm lost its savor , for the professor simply beamed and said, "Possibly, if that had been my field of interest.
  • savoy 189 Peter of Savoy , ii.
  • senator The senator asked Jatupon why he was wearing sunglasses.
  • snack "When we were eating our snack ," put in Willy, not to be left out.
  • snaffle For the rider's keys are curb and snaffle , and his hands, by means of the bridle, control the sensitive bars of his horse's mouth-the most harmonious, delicate organ yet discovered on earth, but too often, alas!
  • snafu
  • snag Once in a while a snag of venison; antelope hard to get; no buffalo now, and very few elk; by now, even ducks and geese began to look good, and trout.
  • snail R. pushed B. aside, saying: "Get out of my way-I am nearly frantic for that snail ."
  • snake It must be borne in mind that the object of treatment is to ward off the stupor, which is one of the results of snake bite.
  • snaky Before them a snaky space of water, blacker than the darkness about them, and capped with faintly phosphorescent crests of tossing waves, separated them-Ootah knew not how far-from the land.
  • snap The trunk closed with a snap .
  • snare You plan a shameful snare , you, you, whom I counted true as the sun.
  • snarf
  • snarl You don't look pretty when you snarl like that, Glocken; and if you believe I'm Johann Lassen, you're a braver man than I think.
  • sniff He had a sniff and a wag for all comers and an abiding faith in the goodness of human nature.
  • sniffer Might as well get people used to thinking I've turned into a porgee sniffer ."
  • sniffy She is a most attractive woman to look at, tall, dark and slender, with the dearest little turned-up nose, which makes her look rather impertinent, and she is a little inclined to be sniffy to some people; she considers Calcutta women suburban!
  • snob He was no snob , but he had most explicit views about a ship's officer's relations with the rest of mankind.
  • snog
  • snood The hooks, of which there are from 240 to 300 to each line, are tied, or whipped, as the fishermen term it, to lengths of twisted horse-hair called snood s; each snood is about two feet and a half long, and they are fastened to the line at about five feet apart.
  • snoop I'm going to snoop around to-morrow after breakfast and see the sights.
  • snoot But if something does happen to me I wished you would kind of keep your eyes pealed and if the song comes out try and see that Florrie gets some jack out of it and I haven't wrote nothing to her about it because she is like all other wifes and when somebodys else husband pulls something its O. K. but if their own husband does it he must of had a snoot full.
  • snow They're out there on the snow !
  • snuff It didn't snuff me out in my youth and innocence, anyway.
  • snuffer Huge mittens of vivid red encased his hands, and his conical, knitted cap was red, and was pulled down over his ears like a candle-snuffer.
  • staff "First," said the Colonel, "there is your correspondence with the staff at Rodhaven.
  • Sancho Take Sancho , then; you might arrive before the fun was all over, if you carried whips and pins and crackers enough to keep the old boy going; you'd be a nice span.
  • Sanford I think I ought to let you know, Marcia, that Constance is in Sanford .
  • snuffs At last, he sees a gentle movement in the brush, and the deer rises from his lair, stretches his neck, arches his back, and snuffs round at each point of the compass to try if there be danger in the air.
  • SAFER You were safer in England.
  • SNARK Then a wild idea came to him, and slowly floated away again as he remembered that Mr. Snark had agreed that he did not know him.
  • sniffs A few sniffs , a few whispers in the ear, and other dog-like courtesies were then exchanged, after which they both set out together for Cupar, where they worried almost every dog in the town, and, returning home, were ever afterwards on the most friendly terms.
  • snafus
  • snot
  • Naff
  • semi-trailer

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